Escape NYC This Summer With These 5 Fashionable Getaways

For most, summer in NYC is a chance to explore America’s most famous city amidst the hot weather and hustle and bustle. For those who live in the city year round, however, summer becomes an opportunity to escape the urban claustrophobia, the crowds of tourists, and head for new pastures.  For those wishing to spread their city wings and enjoy holidays outside of NYC this summer, here are five fashionable getaways:

Martha’s Vineyard

Five hours from the city, Massachusetts’s most fashionable and exclusive getaway has been busy ever since the Kennedys popularised it. Today it boasts beautiful, picturesque views of the sea, large and accommodating beach houses and fine seafood and drink. It’s close enough to NYC to allow you to drive, while being far enough away to provide the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Virginia wine tasting and a country retreat

The Virginia wine industry isn’t as burgeoning as California’s, but due to climatic differences it actually offers wine aficionados a new treat for their palates. You could make a road trip out of it, though it goes without saying that any road trip wine tour should be undertaken responsibly by stopping at different country hotels along the way.



Northern California and Sonoma County

For those who want to switch coasts for their summer break, Northern California is a beautiful choice. The city of San Francisco will allow NYC’s city dwellers to indulge in a few days of urban adventure before spreading their wings and heading north into the picturesque countryside, featuring the likes of Muir Woods. Head further north and arrive in Sonoma County, which is the up and coming ‘new Napa Valley’ – beautiful wine, stunning landscapes, and very fashionable boutique hotels and spas.

Riding in Montana

Yellowstone National Park is something that every American should see, not least those who live in NYC and never get to experience the great outdoors! There are now lots of fashionable ranch package holidays available in Montana, which has great access to Yellowstone, and resorts like Elk Ranch can offer five-star luxury while still maintaining the rustic appeal of horseback riding and living among the rugged terrain.



Stronger than the Storm – the New Jersey Coast

The New Jersey Shore has not long been associated with fashion, but ever since Hurricane Sandy, it’s certainly become fashionable to stand up for the Shore and its way of life. Indeed, the hashtag #StrongerThanTheStorm is gaining increasing traction online. For this reason, local NYC residents can enjoy a vacation break in one of the Shore’s high-end hotels while enjoying fine seafood and drinks in some of the local, increasingly fashionable bars and restaurants. The New Jersey Shore is more than just Jersey Shore and Snooki, promise!

The average New Yorker thrives on urban life, where the canvas is always bright and interesting, and where everything seems possible. For your summer vacation, escape the urban oasis and recharge those batteries to prepare yourself for the hustle and bustle to come in the fall!


About the Author: This is a guest post written by Justin Sweeney, who has been writing about travel for over ten years. His passions are surfing, sailing and exploring the globe, but his travels tend to take him through big cities like New York and London on a regular basis.





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