For Your NYC Commute: Serial

serialAlrighty, I realize now I’m a few months behind on this incredible little discovery called Serial.  I had heard people talk about it before the holidays, but never really had time to start a new series of anything until now.  So the other night I began my google search with “cereal”, (oh, jess).  If you happen to be one of the clueless like me, here’s a little background on this podcast gem, taken from The Guardian:

“What is Serial? It’s a podcast that comes out in weekly installments, hosted by Sarah Koenig, an experienced This American Life producer/journalist. For the past year, Koenig has been looking at an old, cold murder case. In 1999, in Baltimore, a young woman called Hae Min Lee went missing. After a few weeks, her body was found in Leakin Park. She had been strangled. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was charged with her murder, convicted and sent to prison for life plus 30 years. He has always protested his innocence.”  

Adnan_Syed_1998Alright, so I knew going into it I was going to be hooked.  A little unknown fact about me: along with a slight obsession of all things Law & Order, I was on the jury of a murder case right here in NYC a few years back.  It was a tumultuous ordeal, cause when there’s no witnesses at the scene, where exactly do you draw the line of “beyond a reasonable doubt”?  Especially when you’re talking about locking a person away for life? This wasn’t just some TV show, this was the rest of a man’s existence we were talking about, and there was no solid, 100% proof to justify anything. At the end of the day, it was looking at the evidence, and going with your gut, and praying that your gut was right.

“We are so used to murder when it’s all sewn up. What Serial does is remind us that murder and the investigation of it are human, messy, not simple, not clear. Extraordinary, bad things happen to ordinary, good people. We do not wish them on anyone. And yet, because of their extraordinariness, their awfulness, they are fascinating. They bring a thrill. We want to work out murder, order it, get the right villain… because we are scared. This is real life. This actually happened.”

I binge listened.  I commuted and listened, I went to bed and listened, I cooked and listened…I couldn’t turn it off.  If you haven’t jumped on the Serial wagon yet, go on, you won’t regret it.  Did I mention it’s free?  If you’ve listened, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

And please share other podcasts/books/articles you’re hooked on at the moment!


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