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Every other week we feature a different local, sharing their unique experiences on what makes NYC the best place, ever.  Hey, we never said New Yorkers weren’t cocky.  

This week we’re delighted to be chatting with co-founder Anna of the travel magazine Off Track Planet.  As an avid traveler myself, I have to say I’m pretty much obsessed with OTP, their magazine, and blog, and was delighted to be able to get their perspective on favorite spots around NYC!   



Name: Anna Starostinetskaya (Off Track Planet’s co-founder)

Occupation: Writer, Entrepreneur 

New Yorker since: 2009

What hood do you live in? Park Slope

Where do you get your morning coffee? Cafe Regular (Park Slope)/Outpost (Clinton Hill).

Restaurant you’d be really, really sad bordering on clinically depressed if they closed:  Cinnamon Snail Vegan Food Truck

Every tourist must visit: Museum of Art And Design

NYC trend you’re currently loving/hating:  Hating: people that wear Brooklyn t-shirts in Brooklyn.  Loving: The movement toward hand-crafted goods. Also excited to see how weird the mustaches will get until everyone finally decides to just shave.

Favorite way to while away a (non-workday!) NYC afternoon: I’m a jerk but since I work for myself, there really aren’t many days that feel like workdays. But during the summer, I like a nice lay in Prospect Park near the lake with a good book. The best cold-weather afternoon consists of cafe hopping, drinking hot cups of coffee while everyone complains about being miserable.

NYC’s best kept secret: If  I told you, I’d find myself at the bottom of the Gowanus and that water has STDs. 

And a special question just for you…since you guys are the travel gurus, what’s your favorite place outside of NYC that you’ve traveled and why?  My personal favorite is Grenada, Spain because it’s visually stunning, with outdoor cobblestone stairways running through the entire city. The food is great because it’s a mix of already-amazing Spanish tapas, with a bit of a Moroccan influence.  Here are 10 more just for kicks.


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