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Our featured New Yorker today is Alan!  Brooklyn native and bootcamp guru, we’re excited to bring you a slice of Alan’s NYC!  


Name: Alan Courtenay

Occupation: I’m an NASM Certified Fitness Expert , CEO and Founder of NYC Boot Camp. I consider myself a master at training individuals to improve their bodies and minds through progressively encouraging exercise, healthy eating, positive thinking.

New Yorker since: I was born in raised in Brownsville Brooklyn, New York. I did moved to NJ during my high school years and college, however I finished my degrees right here in Brooklyn, New York. If you can live in New York, you can live anywhere. It’s the land where sleeping is non existent. New York has turned me into a hard working machine.

What hood do you live in? Anything with the word “slope” on the end of it wouldn’t be considered the hood. However, Park Slope is the neighborhood I currently reside. The neighborhood where most of lower Manhattan corporate America workers commute from and many New Yorker’s choose to raise their family. If you need a good night sleep where noise pollution is almost nonexistent, Park Slope is the place to be.

Where do you get your morning coffee? Unfortunately I don’t drink coffee. I feel that adequate amount of sleep combined with a great morning workout and breakfast will give you more benefits than drinking a daily cup of coffee. There are some health benefits to drinking coffee in moderation, however, those who can’t start their day without it concern me.

Restaurant you’d be really, really sad bordering on clinically depressed if they closed: For a quick healthy breakfast or lunch I’m going with my second home Energy Fuel restaurant. However when you’re ready for an experience, life doesn’t exist unless you visited Toby’s Public House Restaurant. Words can not explain how great the food is there.

Every tourist must visit: Every tourist must visit an event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The state of the art seating, beyond incredible lighting and sound system. The under ground Vault with VIP seating. You have the option to shoot around yourself during halftime at the Brooklyn Basketball court right under Starbucks. The multiple sections of exclusivity seating with dining at your seat. The hospitality and customer service is exceptional. Let’s not forget the Calvin Klein area overlooking the practice courts. You can always visit Jay Z’s  40/40 Club located right on the premises. You can also pick up the latest Brooklyn apparel in Jay Z Rockawear store. I’ve already been there for 5 events this year. It’s a one stop entertainment palace.

NYC trend you’re currently loving/hating: Walking and talking fast. It’s the land where you must retain 700 words per minute while walking 15 miles per hour through large crowds. Waiting and having patience in not an option in New York. Either you do, or someone else will! It’s the best place in the world.

NYC’s best kept secret: Brooklyn Bridge Park is hands down the best kept secret in New York. The only place in NYC with Free Outdoor Movies, Yoga and Free Kayaking. It has plenty of outdoor restaurants and bars. They just built the largest Merry-Go-Round and state of the art rain-or-shine Recreational Fitness area. They covered all their bases when they did the development of this park. It’s by far the most clean, attractive, and has one of the best views of Manhattan without the worry of large tourist crowds.

And s special question just for you…what are your top 3 workout/staying healthy tips for busy NYers?  Your health is the most important aspect of your life.  You must value its true worth. Don’t make excuses or cut corners. 1. Develop a routine to exercise every day.  If you can’t get a workout in the gym take stairs instead of elevators or escalators whenever possible, walk as much as possible rather than jumping in the first taxi. 2. Snack on almonds or other nuts, carrot sticks and fruit and avoid the quick up-and-down sugar boost of candy or cookies.  Nuts and raisins don’t melt or get stale. They are very easy to carry in a purse or even a pocket. 3. Stay motivated to workout long term by joining or learning a sport. Don’t just rely of vacations to get motivated to workout.

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