From The Lips Of A Local

Our featured New Yorker today is Marcia from Harlem!  We’re excited to bring you a slice of her NYC!


Name: Marcia Mayne

Occupation: Writer

New Yorker since: 1998

What hood do you live in? Harlem

Where do you get your morning coffee? I prefer tea. I usually have my first cup at home before I leave for work.

Restaurant you’d be really, really sad bordering on clinically depressed if they closed: OMG, so many of my favorite restaurants have closed in the last 5 years (and I have such an eclectic palate) that I’ve given up on having just one. My new favorite though is The Cecil on 118th Street. It’s where I taken all my relatives and friends who’ve visited this year. The menu is a seamless fusion of African/Diaspora, American and Asian culinary traditions.

Every tourist must visit: The New York Public Library on 42nd Street. The library is one of the best known Beaux-Arts buildings in New York City, houses over a million books and is home to Jefferson’s handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence, Columbus’ letter to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella and Virginia Woolf’s diaries. (Tours are available.) My other must-visit is Grand Central Station, a landmark Beaux-Arts building with a ceiling covered by stars.

NYC trend you’re currently loving/hating: This isn’t exclusive to NYC but I’m just luvvving loafers right now.

Favorite way to while away a (non-workday!) NYC afternoon: That’s easy: I’d visit art galleries or the Metropolitan.

NYC’s best kept secret: For me, it has to be Governor’s Island.

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