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Each week we feature a different local, sharing their unique experiences on what makes NYC the best place, ever.  Hey, we never said New Yorkers weren’t cocky.  

This week we’re chatting with comedian and actor (I’ve seen him in several shows–here and here–he’s brilliant on stage and will make you laugh till your belly hurts, promise!), Brian Hopson



Name: Brian Hopson

Occupation: Comedian and Actor

New Yorker since: 1999 (but ironically enough that year I partied like it was 1998?)

What hood do you live in? East Village

Where do you get your morning coffee? I get my morning coffee from Stumptown on 18 West 29th Street, there are lines around the block and it’s all cash- but highly worth the dead presidents for it’s raw deliciousness.

Restaurant you’d be really, really sad bordering on clinically depressed if they closed: My fave two restaurants are Joe Allan on West 46th (they change the menu daily and the staff is top-notch) but im also a fan of DOJO on West 4th, being an actor I often am low on funds (surprise surprise) and that place has a wide menu and is very low cost.

Every tourist must visitAlice’s Teacup, a tea room themed after Alice In Wonderland (yes, straight men love tea rooms, too).   I also recommend the Merchant House Museum in the Village, it’s New York’s oldest town house and rumored to be haunted, so go play “ghostbuster” for the day.

NYC trend you’re currently loving/hating: NYC trend I’m currently hating are these rental bikes where you swipe your credit card and take the bike off it’s loading dock for the day, “Citibikes” I believe they’re called.  I see tourists zipping all over NYC as if they’re rubbing it in my face that I never learned to ride a bike. They could at least put a side-car on them for those of us who are less coordinated.  I’d hire a Citibike chauffer to ride me around on it, I think I’d call him Jeeves.

Favorite way to while away a (non-workday!) NYC afternoon: Favorite way to while a way a non workday is taking my latptop to Central Park and writing, for some reason I’m always drawn to the Dakota Building right off the park on 72nd street, I like to look at it as I write. Perhaps that’s because that’s where they filmed Rosemary’s Baby and some of the looks I get from audience members during my comedy shows are as if I’m the spawn of the devil ?  I also enjoy the tranquility of Washington Square park, it’s a good way to relax and you can listen to local musicians play for free (a bonus for the economically challenged).

NYC’s best kept secret: Olieng Thai food on West 10th,  great menu and the prices are extremely reasonable, a little cramped in there but the food is outstanding.  And for performers like myself i recommend looking up “the tank” performance space. It’s free and they offer you a chance to showcase a play or short film you want to present to the masses. Lots of hidden gems in the city for tourists and actors alike !

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