Go Eat This Cookie On The Rooftop Of The Whitney!


I hadn’t been to the new Whitney since it was the old Whitney all the way up town (high, UES!)  It was a beautiful end of summer day, skies so blue and kids back in school, so I met up with another mama friend and her little guy and we headed to MPD to check out some art with our littles…

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…only our littles were LOVING the perfect weather entirely too much, so we basically spend 99.99% of the time on the roof decks, which, let’s be honest, was secretly fine by us!  I mean…the sculptures!  The lily pads!  The retro signage! The 360 degree views!  And best of all, the little baby squeals of delight every time the wind blows!


Oh!  And a little tip.  If you find yourself on the rooftop restaurant and want to order the VERY BEST THING ON THE MENU (trust us, we asked them, sampled, and confirmed), order the gluten free triple chocolate chip cookie.  I mean, I had a hard time even believing it WAS GF cause it tasted so friggin good!  My only regret was that we gobbled it up so quickly and then were like, “Doh! Photograph!”  So just go get one for yourself, you won’t be sorry;-)


Unfortunately the Whitney isn’t taking part in the IDNYC Program, AND doesn’t offer any educator discounts (kinda harsh, eh Whitney?) so adult tickets are $25 day of or $22 if you book online in advance. Come for the art, but stay for the views.  Views best enjoyed with cookie in hand;-)


Would love to know…how have you been inspired to use your city this week? Share below!