NYC Travel Just Got A Whole Lot Easier Thanks To The Sky Caps

You’ve heard the name but you may not know what they do.



Well, I’ll tell you. Would you like to be crowned king or queen at the airport, for a mere pittance? Money talks and your money walks or rather the Sky Caps with your luggage to the airplane whilst being handed a boarding pass. That pass allows you to roam free until boarding.

Why wait with disgruntled passengers running late (often myself) when you can slip a few dollars to the cap man – or woman – in awe. The fee is nominal ($5 per piece of luggage plus tip). The service is remarkable. Not all airlines offer Sky Caps but I offer this story as advice in my defense.

Sky Caps are subcontracted by airlines and located curbside. It is in their best interest to treat you and your luggage well in order to hold their contract with the airline. They have my personal approval level of individual security and are pleasant. Pleasant is a key word. When you are a New Yorker and generally arrive to the airport at a peek level of stress unbeknownst to human kind, Sky Caps are your new best friend.



After your pleasant experience and remittance of drama thanks to your new best friend(s), you will have free time to explore other areas of the terminal and experience what you could not accomplish before you arrived. Being female I usually look for a manicure-pedicure, perhaps even a haircut. Men do as well. This may result in a shoeshine for either. Sky Caps are a luxury worth every penny. You will feel rich as Trump. Affording time. 

One last piece of advice: volunteer your carry-on luggage to be checked in at the gate. We all know the cost of checking a bag. Most flights are over booked. A dirty little secret: the fee is waived when they are overbooked. You didn’t hear this from me.

Bless the Sky Caps! You will understand the point of my point of view when your luggage arrives at baggage claim.

About the Author: This is a guest post written by Anne Edris, owner of NYC’s East Village Bed & Coffee.




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