Hey NYC, This Towel Is A Game Changer

timthumbWhen I discover a product that makes life ten thousand times more pleasurable, simpler, warmer, or just BETTER, I feel the need to share it with the world.  Like when my friend told me about the brand Canada Goose and I converted (just like every other New Yorker this winter), I suddenly stopped hating the months November through March–and actually ((almost)) enjoy walks from the subway in 2 degree weather!

In that spirit, I recently discovered a towel that has changed my life.  Okay, not life changing, I exaggerate, BUT–it’s at least changed how often I need to do laundry, and that’s pretty great, right?!

I don’t need to go into a rant about doing laundry in NYC (another blog post, another day), and while I can clearly get by washing clothes just once a week, I’ve always hated having damp towels throughout the week.  It seemed that no matter which way you’d hang them, those fluffy, pretty Crate & Barrel towels would never completely dry between showers, and it’s been driving me a little nuts for, oh, the past decade.

Enter the wonder product: linen towels!  GoodLinens says it best:

100% linen towels will enhance your daily rituals.  They feel luxurious.  Absorbent, wonderfully textured and lightly exfoliating, they improve with use.  Linen towels are well-behaved, air-drying quickly, maximizing storage space, soiling less readily and spending less time in the dryer than cotton terry.

It’s true.  These suckers are fast drying and I’ve yet to encounter a damp towel by my next shower.  My only complaint is they are a bit rough on the skin at first (I guess this is the exfoliating part?), but this improves with use and age.  Investment piece for the win!

Do you have a life-changing product you’ve been loving as of late?  Share below!

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  • I LOVE linen. I have linen kitchen towels and they soften with washing and improve with age. Fabulous suggestion to use linen for bath/shower towels! When it gets humid in the summer, my towels never seem to dry, so I will definitely try these! Thanks, Jess.
    lisa thomson-the great escape recently posted..Divorce Savvy QuizMy Profile

    • Used York City says:

      It really makes SUCH a difference, right?? Now that I’ve had mine about 2 months and washed them several times, it’s amazing that they really just get softer with every wash!

  • Tamara says:

    I used to have a fast drying towel for my hair and I Loved it!
    I’ll have to invest in a new one for my whole body.
    Tamara recently posted..Taking Care of Business.My Profile

    • Used York City says:

      Oh awesome, I didn’t even know they made ones specifically for hair! I’ll have to do some research, thanks!:-)

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