How To Spend A Day In The Lower East Side!

We took the F train down to the East Broadway stop (last stop before Brooklyn, holler!), and bumbled around, seeing where the morning took us. Our only real plan for the day was to get a plant (because if it’s not going to feel like spring outside, at least we’ll bring it inside.) Here’s how we spent our day:

First stop, Little Canal. They make a mean chai latte, and a delicious salted chocolate chip cookie that’s vegan to boot.

After fueling up, we headed across the street to check out a new-to-us playground, where we whiled away the better part of two hours. They have public restrooms in the park that aren’t completely gross, so that’s a plus! There was also a tai chi group going on when we got there, which was fun and free entertainment:-)

Heading west, we took a nice walk, stopping into the CW Pencil Enterprise store. Everything in here is so inexpensive (as in, I literally can’t figure out how they stay open with LES rent!), and makes for a fun NYC gift. They have a room in the back dedicated solely to stickers which is pretty cool (especially the vintage scratch-and-sniff ones!), and also host a monthly book club in the space. I did a full review on them back in 2015…they’ve since changed addresses, but the shop remains the same.

Next stop, The Sill. Augusten picked out a tiny succulent for himself (which he decided to name Faint) and we got a pretty low light plant for the kitchen table (which he dubbed Nomi. Seriously, where do they come up with this stuff?!;-) While the plants are very affordable, I would suggest scoring a pretty pot from elsewhere if you’re on a budget, cause the one’s they had started at $20 and went up, up, up.

Finally, we stopped by a $1 pizza spot right next door for a few slices. The perfect end to a perfect Lower East Side morning.

p.s. the entire schedule here took us from about 9am to 1pm, but remember we move slow;-) If you’re looking to add more into your day in the neighborhood, a few other favorite spots of mine are: Irving Farm for great coffee, Punjabi for SUPER cheap Indian food where all the cabbies eat, the Tenement Museum for a guided tour and really cool piece of NYC history, The Bhakti Center for spiritual yoga and kirtan, Divya’s Kitchen for ayurvedic cuisine, Sugar Sweet Sunshine for cupcakes we love so much we had them as our wedding cake, and Jadis Wine Bar for super affordable wine and small bites, and plenty of space to enjoy them in.