How To Throw A Casino Themed Party In Your NYC Apartment

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If there’s is one thing New Yorkers’ know how to do, its throw a great party. Who doesn’t love a good theme party?   There are so many options and the dawn of the “Pinterest era” brings out even more great ideas for themed parties.  Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or not, a theme party can be a great way to get friends together and have an awesome time.  One classic theme that is growing in popularity is the casino night party.  Read on for how to throw a great casino party New York City style.

Let’s start with the décor.  Red and black tend to be the commonly used colors for a casino theme party to match the two card suit colors.  So using red and black tableware and decorations will start you off on the right track.  Cards and dice are great cheap ways to decorate.  Throw some dice into a candle holder and top it with a red candle for a simple centerpiece.  Cards and dice arranged nicely in a martini glass screams casino.  Roll out the red carpet for an extra swanky casino experience.

It’s required that a casino themed party has a variety of casino games.  Casino games are a great way to integrate the party’s theme.  There are some great ideas to turn regular casino games into party games that anyone can play.  How about jellybean roulette – place some oddly flavored jellybeans in a cup.  The player has to close their eyes, eat a jellybean and then guess the flavor they are eating.  Another fun twist on a casino game is poker darts.  Create a wall with all of the cards in a deck and have players throw darts at the board and try to throw a good poker hand and beat the dealer.

As the food and drinks are flowing and the night continues, a great way to end a night is to grab a few Ubers and have everyone head out to the casino, which everyone will undoubtedly be in the mood for after being engulfed in the theme for a few hours.  Resorts World is a great place to go to end the night on a winning note.  Alternatively, you could keep the party going at home and mix things up by try your luck at one of the many online casinos available on the web.  Casino Pros provides a great guide to all the top online casinos.  Follow this guide for guaranteed success at your next themed party.  

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