Intermission: Shear Madness


When a show is voted ‘Best Comedy of the Year’ eight times and is the ‘Longest Running Play in America’ they must be doing something right, right?!  After making a date to go and see Shear Madness I can definitely see what all the fuss is about.

This is a fun and refreshing change to your usual Broadway set up.  It’s an interactive whodunit where the audience is a crucial part of the story line and helps to interrogate the suspects in a murder mystery. So for all you Clue fans out there this is your chance to showcase those detective skills you perfected for all those years and help work out which of the cast is lying.


What’s really great is there’s a different ending every time depending on the audience, how cool is that? So the show is never the same. The script is constantly adapting to reference current news stories with tongue in cheek jokes about recent events so it felt real and fresh.


I’m normally pretty dubious about improv-style performances as they can struggle to flow without feeling awkward but I found the cast had it perfected, they were laid back and natural and clearly enjoyed ‘working’ together, making for a really fun evening.

The audience participation and interaction even in the break was a great concept and sets this show apart from any others I have seen recently, I’d definitely recommend anyone to get tickets and go check it out. This is a fresh spin on your typical murder mystery, mix that with the infectious energy of the characters and I guarantee you’ll be laughing along. Like I said…a show doesn’t win that many awards for nothing…

By: Charlotte Revill


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