Introducing…The Used York City Podcast!

Happy Monday, NYC (and beyond!;-)

I was reading this article recently called How Not To Die, According To Harvard Researchers(cryptic, I know), but loved how the number one thing listed is to keep learning.  So, so true.  And this brings me to today’s post.

One of my favorite things to do while commuting or wandering around NYC is to listen to podcasts.  I LOVE how a 30 minute podcast can make the time fly from point A to B on the train, and (depending on the podcast, of course), I usually end up learning something I didn’t know before.

I’d been playing with the idea of having a Used York City podcast for a while, but really had not the first clue how to go about the technical side.  But, as those Harvard researchers said, I decided to “prevent my mind and body from deteriorating” by teaching myself a new skill: podcasting!  Lots of Googling and trial and error later, tada!  I made a Used York City podcast!

Mind you, this is the most basic of basic podcasts—I recorded this in the middle of baby feedings and edited out a lot of little man squeals in the background, but it was a lot of fun, and I now know a bit about podcasting!

So…onto the important part…THE PODCAST.  Every week, I’ll be sharing a new tip on how to use your (NY) city…something fun to do, delicious to eat, amazing to watch…think of it like a micro-version of the blog, but with new and fresh content that hasn’t been published here, and oh!  You can listen to it during your commute!  

It’s free, of course, and you can subscribe right in iTunes by clicking here (or searching on the Podcast app on your iPhone).  By doing this you will get notified every time there’s a new episode.  Yay!:-)

Or, listen right here:-)  Today’s tip on how to use your city, get your aura read.

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Photo Credit:

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If you have any questions, tips for future episodes, etc., leave them in the comments below!




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