Jar Bar Delivers Healthy Breakfasts + Snacks To The Big Apple!


With a never ending supply of amazing restaurants to try, happy hours to attend, and goodies brought into the office, it can sometimes feel that eating healthy in NYC is challenge, to say the least!  That’s why I like to make sure my day at least starts off on the right foot, with a nutrient-packed breakfast that will leave me feeling a little less guilty if I break into the bread basket at dinner!

When I heard about Jar Bar NYC, my interest was immediately piqued.  Healthy, vegan eats, that are as good for you as they are Instagrammable?!  Sign me up!

Jar Bar NYC produces dairy free snacks and meals that are all naturally sweetened. Their products include parfaits, made with a base of oatmeal and chia seeds, crunchy granola and “bar bites”, protein-packed energy snacks.  What I love most about the Jars (besides the fact that they’re really, really delicious!), is that they really make eating healthy for breakfast and throughout the day super convenient.  Could I head to Whole Foods and whip up a bunch of healthy snacks every week on my own?  Well, yes I could…if I wanted to spend half my Saturday standing in line and in the kitchen.  But, like is the case with many New Yorkers, time is limited and highly valued, so I’d rather leave that to Team Jar Bar…it’s what they do best!

You can order 5 jars with granola for $35 (larger orders are available, too!)  I enjoyed mine…


for breakfast


as a midday work snack


as a pre-yoga pick-me-up


and as a post-dinner dessert!  yes, they really are that tasty!

With flavors ranging from Almond Butter & Jelly, to Cinnamon Apple Pie (my absolute favorite…tastes like my Grandma’s Apple Cobbler served at Thanksgiving…no small feat!), to Dark Chocolate Delight, and The Classic Chia, there’s truly something for everyone!  You can mix and match flavors according to your taste preferences, another perk!

Jar Bar NYC is a completely delivery based operation servicing the NYC area…and you know how we at Used York City adore local startups!  We were delighted to be able to catch up with Jar Bar’s founder, Jenna Heller, to get some background on the inspiration behind her company.

{UYC} What inspired you to start Jar Bar?

{Jenna} I’ve been severely lactose intolerant for as long as I can remember. Being unable to consume dairy products always posed a problem in the morning when I was looking for an easy meal that I could eat on the run. While typical breakfast parfaits with yogurt and granola are delicious, they are also packed with dairy and sugar and always made me feel sick. During college I started experimenting with chia seeds and began creating different chia based puddings, jams and yogurts. I realized there was a huge demand for a product with wide appeal: tasty, protein packed, free of dairy and artificial or processed sugar, portable, filling and convenient. Hundreds of taste tests later, Jar Bar NYC was born, with the intention of being the perfect breakfast and snack for on-the-go New Yorker.

{UYC} How long can the jars/bar bites stay fresh in the fridge?

{Jenna} The jars last one week from delivery and must always be stored in the fridge. The bar bites if stored in the freezer last for a month and if stored in the fridge 2 weeks.

{UYC} As a passionate health foodie living in NYC, do you have any tips for New Yorkers who are trying to eat healthy but are crunched for time?

{Jenna} I think meal planning is essential in staying healthy in New York, especially if you’re working on a budget and you’re short on time. In my apartment we have themed meal nights so Mondays are stir fry, Tuesdays are tacos, Wednesdays we order in, Thursdays pizza night and Friday I usually get a group of people together and someone hosts a meal at their apartment. I shop for meals instead of just going to the grocery store and picking up lots of random veggies which makes cooking a healthy meal much simpler. I’m a big believer in not counting calories but more just paying attention to what you’re eating. I think words to live by are its not about the number but about what you’re putting into your body. If you choose to eat whole foods that are natural and good for you, in turn you’re going to be a healthy person. I personally don’t eat any meat, dairy or processed/refined sugars. I know that diet is not for everyone but if you choose to make your daily diet focus more on natural foods you’re going to feel fantastic.

If you’re looking to relieve the daily stress of prepping healthy breakfasts and snacks, we highly recommend giving Jar Bar NYC a try!  Team UsedYorkCity, for one, is totally hooked!


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