Jess’s 11 Favorite NYC Bloggers!

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The NYC Blog Squad.

These days, I feel like everyone has an Instagram account documenting one thing or another, but it’s getting rarer and rarer to find bloggers who are posting amazing content, exclusively about NYC, on a regular basis.  So when I find a blogger I love, I hold on tight, and you can bet I’m on their site every week to get the latest tips on where to eat or inspiration on what to read or what shade of red lipstick to wear.  Below, I’ve corralled my 11 favorites.

My Favorite NYC Book Blogger: Underground New York Public Library

Reading is probably my favorite past time, and besides getting a massage in Chinatown, is my favorite way to unwind and relax and LEARN.  Thus, I love hearing what other people are currently reading and getting ideas that way.  The Underground New York Pubic Library is a beautifully curated blog of photos on people on the subway and their current reads.  While I was initially like, “these photos are all too perfect to be real and MUST be staged with all the blogger’s cool hipster friends”, I quickly realized I didn’t actually care if that was the case.  The photos are beautiful, books varied (hence tons of great reading suggestions), and I just love the concept.

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My Favorite NYC Lifestyle Blogger: Tracy’s New York Life

Tracy has a great thing going on over on Tracy’s New York Life–there’s everything from roundup articles suggesting the best places to shop in Hell’s Kitchen, to anecdotes about what living in NYC is REALLY like from her experience, to profiles on NYC artists.  I love that Tracy has a consistent posting schedule (Monday through Friday, without fail!), and that I always leave her page with a new spot in mind to check out.

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My Favorite NYC Mama Blogger: Love Taza

Ok, not gonna lie, I was a cult follower of Love Taza way before I even became pregnant with Augusten.  She’s a Mormon mama making it in the big city in a 2 bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side with 3 kiddos under the age of 6–all while managing to tote them around the city each week to playgrounds, restaurants, museums–AND looking like a model at the same time.  What can I say?  You’re my total #MomInspiration, Naomi!

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My Favorite NYC Simple Living Blogger: Reading My Tea Leaves

Erin lives in Brooklyn in a 1 bedroom, 5 floor walk-up apartment with 2 kids and blogs about Simple Matters–how she buys coffee or spices from her local neighborhood store so she supports local businesses and can simply refill her spice jar rather than littering the environment with MORE spice jars–or literally has no clutter in her home because she simply refuses to let it come in.  While Taza may be the kind of MOM I strive to be, Erin is the kind of NYC CITIZEN I strive to be (although I still Amazon Prime everything in my life which comes delivered in large brown boxes, so I have a far, far way to go on this one.  Still.  It’s nice to have role models!)

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My Favorite NYC Fashion Blogger: Atlantic // Pacific

I love looking at Blair’s site, it’s total style porn.  Her outfit posts are a continual fountain of inspiration, and I love perusing them for ideas, as well as the backdrops (shot anywhere from the gritty streets of NYC to the sunny vistas of CA.  Obviously the NYC ones are my favorite;-)  There’s not much text going on on this blog, but the photographs are stunning, and beat flipping through this month’s copy of Vogue any day.

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My Favorite NYC Inspirational Blogger: Today’s The Day I…

While she’s absolutely amazing, I will preface this by saying her blog has been inactive for a while.  BUT, you should absolutely check out Lydia’s blog Today’s The Day I… for ideas and inspiration on things to do around NYC, wayyyyyy off the beaten path.  For an entire year, Lydia did something new in NYC–EVERY. SINGLE. DAY., and wrote about and photographed each experience on her site.  I’ve gotten so many great ideas from her, and she has a wonderful writing style, so flipping through the archives can get pretty addicting.

Follow: Today’s The Day I…

My Favorite NYC Husband + Wife Blogger(s): Madhatters NYC

While I take my husband on many of my blogging projects and he entertains Augusten in the evenings so I can get posts written, his blog involvement stops right there.  I love the idea that husband and wife team (Justin and Lynn), explore, photograph, AND write about the city together.  What a NYC love story!

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My Favorite NYC For Free Blogger: Mary In Manhattan

Mary writes weekly lists of cool things happening in NYC for free!  I especially love this because, while everyone thinks the Big Apple costs an arm and a leg to visit (and live!), Mary proves on the regular that you can enjoy this city for absolutely free.

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My Favorite NYC On A Budget Blogger: Rendevous En New York

Trudy keeps her NYC blog focused on budget friendly experiences to be had in the five boroughs of NYC.  From restaurants to travel to exhibits, you’ll find the best of the city on a shoestring budget.

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My Favorite Funny NYC Blogger: New York Cliche

Mary Lane always makes me giggle over morning coffee with her misadventures on first dates gone awry, acting gigs, and all the other cliches that make her blog perfect for a NYC sitcom.

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My Favorite NYC Cookie Blogger: Tea With B

Becca is on a quest to find the best chocolate chip cookie in New York City.  She definitely posts about other stuff too, but those cookie posts keep me hungry for more!

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Would love to know…which NYC blogs are you crazy about?  Share below!

p.s. if you have a NYC blog, leave it in the comments below. would obviously LOVE to check it out!;-)




  • Mary says:

    FABULOUS. Thanks for including me, Jess, and for mentioning some other bloggers in NYC I haven’t heard of yet! Definitely following everyone now.

    PS – WHERE do you get your best Chinatown massage?

    • Used York City says:

      Mess Look Spa on Bowery Street! Haha it’s a hair salon with a massage parlor in the basement, ask for Kim or David, they’re AMAZING!

  • Trudy says:

    Thank you Jess for including me and introducing me to so many new NYC blogs!

  • We’re so honored to be included in this awesome list! There are some new discoveries for us here, so thank you in advance for the new reading material. :)

    We’re so thrilled that we found so many passionate bloggers to share our NYC obsession with. Looking forward to the next meet-up!

    • Used York City says:

      Yay me too! I love being able to “talk blog” with you guys, it’s so fun to share a passion!;-)

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