Jess’s Tip For Making The Most Out Of Your NYC Life


Today I’m sharing with you my one single tip for making the most out of your life in NYC.  As a Type-A, I’ve always been huge on planning my calendar way in advance, and while I’m okay with the occasional spontaneous adventure, in my experience, if you wait for something to spontaneously happen, it usually doesn’t.

So here’s my tip, in two parts.

1. Write a list of the things you want to get done/see/eat/experience the month before they are going to happen.  You can see below my list of everything I plan to do in March (many of which are already complete). 


2. Take that list and plug everything into your physical calendar, so you know what dates and times they will actually happen.  Here’s my list transferred to my calendar.  (and apologies it’s a little all over the place, this is my ACTUAL calendar that I use so I scribble in it the same way my brain works;-)


And that’s it!  I found this to be especially helpful with NYC living.  As I’m sure you’ve all experienced, people’s schedules fill up months in advance, and when friends say, “let’s grab a drink soon!”, “soon” just doesn’t appear if it’s not penciled in on both party’s calendars.

Also, it helps me to make the most out of my NYC experience by allowing me to plan in advance for shows and events that are only around for a little while.  Even something as simple as trying a new restaurant benefits from advanced planning, or else the default of going to the place right down the block happens more times than not (not that we don’t love our local neighborhood spots, but it’s nice to branch out, too!;-)

Would love to know…do you have any tips for making the most out of your NYC life?  Share below!