Lobster Salad + Chardonnay At The Peninsula Spa

Photo Credit: http://newyork.peninsula.com/

Photo Credit: http://newyork.peninsula.com/

Today I’m happy to welcome to the blog Natalie Stanton, stay-at-home mama residing in Midtown West!  Natalie has been a New Yorker for 14 years, but will soon be calling Connecticut home.  When she’s not nurturing her adorable 2 year old son, she dabbles in interior decorating and real estate consulting.

What is your favorite way to #TreatYoSelf in the city?

There are sooo many ways to #TreatYoSelf here in NYC.   I can think of a few good ones.

A day at the Peninsula Spa, including catching some rays and having a lobster salad and Chardonnay on the sun terrace.

Getting your hair done at John Barrett at Bergdorf, lunch with a friend at BG restaurant and a little shopping after – don’t forget to order champagne at lunch – I usually order the Laurent Perrier rose there. 

There are a ton of places to go for a delicious tasting menu in the city.  One of my absolute favorites in Bouley! It’s so perfectly French and feminine and I can feel the love in the food.  I also love the attention paid to dietary restrictions at Bouley.

When do you most often utilize this treat?

When my husband is watching my son and I am feeling flush with cash.

Would you consider this treat to be budget friendly, a sensational splurge, or somewhere in the middle?


It seems to be a trend that #TreatYoSelf days tend to come when there is either something to celebrate or when you need a pick-me-up. In the case of the latter, what words of encouragement would you give a New Yorker who is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?

Disagree.  #treatyoself often and for no reason at all.  But, if you are down, remember the universe loves you and you are on your way to your own joyous bliss.  This painful time is just helping you get where you need to go.  So feel it, deal with it, learn from it and move on with renewed hope that better days are around the corner.

Thank you so much for joining us on the blog today, Natalie, and sharing your favorite way to use your city on a #TreatYoSelf day!

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