My May Manhattan Mini-Adventures


My Manhattan Mini-Adventures for the month of May are below, curating what I’m loving about NYC and life, currently.

One: I had an itch to get creative one weekend, so naturally popped into Mood Fabrics in the Garment District.  The fabrics they have there are insanely expensive (i.e. I could purchase a few sets of cloth napkins at Crate and Barrel for what it would cost to make a set!), BUT if you haven’t been, don’t let the prices deter you.  It’s definitely an experience to peruse through the jersey knits and buttons and feathers and other embellishments…a mecca for crafters, if you will!


Two: Our #UYCBookclub met at Oficina Latina in SoHo (with a 2 for 1 happy hour!) and read Sunday’s On The Phone To Monday…and best of all, the author, Christine Reilly, joined us for our very own Q+A!  Such a pleasure to get the point of view of the person BEHIND the words.  The book is a beautifully written tale about a family living in NYC, and covers themes ranging from strong family bonds, to mental illness, to the tough topic of what happens to a family if one of the children gets a life-threatening disease.  It’s deep, but lyrical and filled with a lot of Heart.  (Read the book and you’ll totally get why that’s capitalized, promise!;-)


Three: My younger sister is getting married in August, and we showered her this month at her home in North Carolina.  It was a beautiful celebration, and we all took turns going around to give advice to the bride to use after the vows have been made and the champagne has been drunk.  My advice?  Throw kindness around like confetti in your marriage every single day.  (This picture was taken on my Polaroid, which I just love!)


Four: Summer seemed to sneak up on us early this month, and I’ve been enjoying every single second of it with daily walks in Central Park.  There’s always something fun to see if you keep your eyes peeled, and the other day I came across this pretty painting of a bridge, but no artist in sight!


Five: Dovetail on the UWS had the most amazing vegetarian tasting menu, which they offer on Monday evenings.  If you’re not a vegetarian but your partner (or friend) is, have no fear!  They also offer a “Vegetable Focused” menu, which lets you get your greens, with some meat, too.  What I really love about this place is that every month the tasting menu changes, so you essentially get a completely different experience the next time you dine there.  I have a feeling this is going to be one of my regular spots!


Six: The Bosnian Film Festival happened this month!  I’ve been working behind the scenes with them for a few months now, and was so proud of the way everything got pulled together!  There were a ton of great films this year, but one I particularly enjoyed was a film called Tigers–it was directed by a Bosnian (Danis Tanovic), and was based on a true story about what happens in 3rd world countries when formula is pushed on new moms (instead of nursing), and the water supply they mix the formula with is filthy, which obviously tears apart the tiny newborns’ systems…causing sickness and death.  Heartbreaking and powerful…a reminder of what positive change art forms can have when they address serious social issues.


Seven: If you’re a Spanish wine and tapas fan, check out Salinas in Chelsea.  We went for dinner and I have been thinking about the Mozarabe drenched in honey-olive oil butter (pictured below) ever since.  #nomnom


Eight: My first Mother’s Day was this month!  Although we had just gotten home from the airport and were pretty tired from a long day of traveling, the hubs snapped this photo of Augusten and I on the couch together which I later found on my iPhone and I just love it.  I sure am happy to be his mama.


Nine: I was delighted to be interviewed and featured in Zillow’s post comparing the West and the Best (haha, see what I did there?;-) Coasts…you can read the full article here and let me know if you’re Team NYC or Team LA!

p.s. in case you missed them, my past little manhattan adventures can be found here!

What’s been your favorite mini-adventure this month?  Share below!


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