New Prada On The Block

When it comes to Men’s Fashion, it is more than known that Prada reigns above most other menswear designers.  And lucky for the male Prada lovers, who happen to shop Bloomingdales, they no longer need to look any further.  Situated between the Men’s Louis Vuitton and right behind Magnolia’s Bakery, 2013 has bought the Men’s Prada Accessory shop to the first floor.



What can you find at this gorgeous boutique? Shoes galore. From high-top sneakers to sophisticated men’s loafers coming in many color choices to gorgeous woven belts (surprisingly only $195!), the store has no shortage of leather goods! Unfortunately, it does have a shortage of clothing. With there being no clothing available yet, it makes buying shoes or a belt for a suit a tad more challenging.  But the Boutique does plan on stocking clothing soon enough, making it a one-stop shop for any gentleman.



And if shopping is not an interest of yours, it is highly recommended to still stop by and have a lounge on the orange ostrich skin chairs and soak up the store’s atmosphere. Disappointed is not a word one hears in the Prada Boutique.   


WHERE: Men’s Prada Accessory Shop at Bloomingdales
1000 3rd Avenue
New York, New York


By: Haya Elkadi




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