New Yorker Moments: A Fun Gift Idea

IMG_8958 EDIT SAMPLEFor my dad’s 60th birthday, we wanted to give him something to commemorate his special day.  He’s notoriously tough to shop for anyway, but any gift ideas we came up with were just repeaters on things that had been done before.  I mean, how many Panama hats and cigar accessories can you give one person?!

Then, it struck me: growing up, we had always gone to Olan Mills to have our family photos taken.  (Yes, some years MUCH better than others!)  It had been ages since our last one, so I thought: why not hire a professional photographer to take family photos of us on our vacation?  We went back and forth on the idea for a few days–I mean, in the age of digital photography and selfie sticks is there really a relevant place for paying for a professional photographer?  My answer: always a resounding YES.

Quite simply, the photographer can do three things that our selfie stick can’t: 1. motivate everyone to actually be dressed and color coordinated at the same time (harder than it sounds on vacation–or anytime, really!), 2. edit, edit, edit.  Worth its weight in gold!, and 3. it sounds silly, but the photoshoot can be a really memorable, fun experience in and of itself!  In fact, I’d go as far to say that the hour we spent taking these photos was one of the best we had on vacation!

I placed an ad on Key West’s Craigslist, and while my inbox quickly flooded with responses, I couldn’t have been happier than with Francy Nunez.  (Seriously, if you’re in the southern Florida region and in need of a photographer, she’s your gal!)  She let us do our fair share of goofy poses, and also posed us for family shots that will be framed in our living room for generations to come.

IMG_9008 IMG_9009 IMG_9022 IMG_8963Have you ever hired a professional photographer to commemorate a special event?  Let’s talk below!

p.s. my 10 favorite things about Key West.


  • Heather says:

    Love, love, LOVE this! I’ve only ever hired a professional photographer for my wedding, but have been thinking about it a lot more lately. Have you heard of flytographers? They are in cities around the world and can be hired to take your vacation photos. This might just be the push I needed to send the email! :-)

    • Used York City says:

      Oh I haven’t heard of them, thanks so much for the info! I’m going to keep that in mind for next time I may need a photographer–sure is less work than weeding through Craigslist ads!;-)

  • Tamara says:

    Resounding YES! A professional photographer, quite simply, knows what they’re doing! More flattering photos. More sharp photos. Everyone in those photos. And the gorgeous, glossy photo magic that only professionals can do! (it’s top secret info)
    You look great in these!

    • Used York City says:

      So true Tamara–photographers are the best! If we had done this up north I would have seen if you were available!:-)

  • Agness says:

    Lovely photos!!! I always wanted to do the same with my mom, but we never had a chance to do that. Your family’s adorable!!

  • Jackson says:

    Great Photos!
    It looks like you had a lovely time –
    I will definitely have to keep these ideas in mind!

  • What a great idea! My dad’s a disaster to shop for too, totally relate. The pictures came out so great! What a beautiful family & happy memories!

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