New Yorker Moments: Coffee + Crawling In Hudson River Park


^^the best cold brew^^

I’m really loving this extended bout of nice weather we’re having this November!  Monday it reached 60 degrees mid-day, and Augusten and I headed west to take full advantage of the sunshine.  We stopped at Fika for an iced coffee (they have the very best brew, even after it’s been sitting for entirely too long and all the ice melts, it still doesn’t taste watered down), then headed to Hudson River Park on the other side of the West Side Highway.  We were basically the only people there, so took full advantage of that giant patch of grass for crawling about on.  I think it’s kind of impossible to be a NYC mom and germaphobe, what about you?;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


^^we love making nyc our living room^^


^^the hudson river^^


^^art in the park^^


^^spinning is his favorite thing^^