New Yorker Moments: March Highlights!


March has always been the longest month of the year for me to get through.  I think it’s a combination of not having any exciting holidays to prep for and look forward to (don’t hate me, St. Patrick’s Day lovers!  I’m just not a beer drinker!;-), as well as how it’s at the tail end of a long, cold winter.  This year, we broke it up a bit by heading down south in the middle of the month to visit family–and even though it wasn’t exactly warm there yet, it was still in the 50’s instead of the 30’s, so I’ll take it!

Here’s a few of my favorite highlights of the month!

"I rolled my eyes. It was the one thing that could be counted upon in human nature, that every person should set out to prove their weakest virtue. Beautiful people always wanted to be more talented than they really were, and talented people more beautiful. Despite his constant attempts to be the exception, Dorian would always prove the rule--as would any person who tried to challenge fate."  Amazing discussion tonight with the author of "An Innocent Fashion", @r.j.hernandez. I'm not one to play favorites with books, but it's definitely at the tip top of my @novelsofnewyork list. Meaning if you haven't read it already, drop everything else and run (don't walk) to your nearest bookstore to snag a copy. Bravo, R.J., can't wait to read the next gem you create! # #uycbookclub #books #novelsofnewyork #nycreads #fashionbook #mustread #bookclub #bookstagram #literarylifestyle #aninnocentfashion

{discussing R.J. Hernandez’s debut novel An Innocent Fashion with the author himself! such a good one!}

The best afternoon tea service in NYC? It's hidden in Flushing, guys. # #rosehouse #afternoontea #flushing #queens #nyceeeeeats #nycblogger

{if you love cute afternoon tea houses, Rose House in Flushing, Queens, is a must! they don’t have many vegetarian options for their savory selections, but the sweets and tea are delicious!  i recommend the milk tea!}

My little leprechaun in his green shoes. # #augustensalko

{we stopped at Shyndigz in Richmond’s Cary Town for dessert and had the hugest, most delicious piece of German chocolate cake, ever!  definitely swing by if you’re in town!}

All those ! #cherryblossom #rva #hellospring

{so happy our trip coincided with cherry blossom season!  this might have to be an annual thing;-}

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."  The prettiest Muhammad Ali exhibit happening at the @nyhistory Museum, for all you  fans.

{my husband is a huge boxing fan, so he was stoked to see the Muhammad Ali exhibit at the NY Historical Society.  it’s closed now, but lots of other fun exhibits going on, including a NYC Tattoo exhibit which we’ll be featuring on the blog soon!}

"I'm ruthlessly self aware, extremely selectively." ~@augustenburroughs {Spent the evening with my very favorite author, who I named my very favorite son after. I totally showed him my son's diaper bag with his name embroidered on the front...definitely puts me as his biggest fan in a non-creepy way, right?Thanks for being such an important part of my NYC story, Mr. Burroughs!} #augustensalko #augustenburroughs

{augusten burroughs (i.e. my favorite author who my son is named after!) did a reading at the UES Barnes and Noble, and it was SUCH a treat to go. i can’t wait to give this copy of Lust and Wonder to my Augusten when he gets older!}

Two out of three smiles? I'll take it! #augustensalko

{we took Augusten to the playground in Long Island City one Saturday, and even though you can’t tell from the grumpy face in the photo, he sure did have the best time!;-}

Holy cannoli, you sure were tasty!

{fantastic chocolate cannoli at Caffe Reggio.  i stumbled into this cute cafe in Greenwich Village quite by accident and fell in love with not only the food, but also how charming and quaint it was.  it’s been around since 1927, so has true NYC staying power!}

60 degree days may come and go, but we'll always have these blossoming bodega blooms, NYC. #

{bodega blooms are a pretty reminder that spring weather is right around the corner!}

This 25 degree weather is keeping those fish nice and iced.

{snapped this scene in chinatown after a delightful $32 hour long massage at Mess Look.  cause some cold, 20 degree days, you just have to #treatyoself.}

What’s the best thing you did in March?  Share below!




  • Tamara says:

    I might cry at what Augusten wrote to your Augusten. Grow strong and brave! That’s as cool as having a book club meeting with the author.
    And those sweets at the tea house!!

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