New Yorker Moments: Weekend In Miami

unnamed-7{morning walks on south beach}

My childhood bestie celebrated her big 3-0 this past weekend in Miami, so it was 30 whirlwind hours of airports, beaches, pools, food, and of course, champagne.  Like many people reaching milestone birthdays, she had the usual fears (“am i making the right career moves for my future?  how can i squeeze more travel into my life?  is my metabolism going to go to shit overnight?!”) but, like I like to tell everyone who has turned 30 after me (because #OlderAndWiser), it’s really not so scary to be on the other side as a “30 something”, and truthfully, has been my favorite decade yet!

Would love to know…what advice would you give your 30 year old self?  

p.s. as you can see, we freshened up our look!  we’re still working out some kinks, but hope to make it an even better reading experience for our favorite people: you, our readers!  please leave any feedback in the comments below, xo!

unnamed-8{early morning fruit parfaits}

unnamed-9{such a fan of the boutique hotel we stayed at, the betsy}

unnamed-10{view from under my umbrella, ella, ella}

unnamed-11{…missed flight, means a 7 hour hangout sesh in the airport}



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