‘NYC Born And Raised Scholarship’ Available To Recent Grads!


With graduation ceremonies completed and tassels turned, NYC recent high school grads are no doubt looking forward to the fall semester with great anticipation of what lies ahead during their collegiate years. And I have excellent news for all you incoming college freshmen: you can apply for the NYC Born and Raised Scholarship, which will help shave off $2,500 from your tuition and college expenses.

The scholarship is being offered by the Law Offices of Ivan Diamond. Attorney Ivan Diamond was born in Brooklyn, raised in Manhattan attending the NYC Public School system, and went on to Brooklyn Law School. He is now practicing law in the Bronx. A true NYC success story, if I do say so myself!

Mr. Diamond is proud of his New York heritage and the hard work and perseverance it took to get where he is today, and he wants to reward that same drive in local students who share his New York values. The basic requirements for the NYC Born and Raised Scholarship are that you must be a student who:

1. was born and grew up in NYC, and

2. will continue your education in the city, beginning in the fall of 2017

If you meet these requirements, you’re encouraged to submit an application by the deadline of August 1st, 2017. All application details can be found via the scholarship page on their website.

Best of luck to all you NYC movers and shakers as you enter this next exciting chapter of your lives. May you go forth and set the world (and especially our cherished NYC) on fire!