NYC Versus Your Sanity


Apart from the crazy Indian cities like Dehli there are not many more worldwide cities that are as demanding mentally to the visitor than NYC. Residents of NYC have the luxury of having time to understand the hustle, bustle and develop coping strategies. This hindsight and wisdom is obviously lost on visitors who can resemble a rabbit in the headlights as they blankly stare at maps and self-consciously erm and tut to strangers who they need the help of. So what mobile apps can the visitor use when visiting NYC for the first (or indeed the umpteenth time) to save their sanity a bit?  Here’s some we love.

Transportation Apps

Within the countless movies over the years a visitor will assume that a simple wolf whistle will secure a yellow taxi and with a muttered instruction they will speed to the destination through the steam that rises from air vents in the streets. In reality it can be more difficult than this so the mainstream suggestion is the affordable door to door car service Uber, you can choose from a low cost taxi to something more fancy. You are aware of the fare before you get in the vehicle which prevents any feeling that you are being taken advantage off. This feeling of being a ‘fish out of water’ is something that is common in travel and New York is no different. If you use Uber in your home country then you can be reassured as you have used the technology before.

As New York is built within a block grid format you would be forgiven to assume it’s a piece of cake to navigate but in reality there are traffic routes and anomalies which can occur. Maybe you forget the Taxi and use a bicycle?  City bike rentals are becoming more commonplace and can be seen globally. The idea is that armed with a map and a bike you can navigate a city with the natural pleasure that is a bike. You can pick up a bike from a series of points and also drop it off at a site that may be many miles from your original area. This enables the idea to be quick, convenient and also quite fun. There are different subscriptions including annual and short term, the only thing is remember us that you need to register first.

The third main transport option is the subway and MTA Subway allows you to keep track of any live traffic information or delays.

Entertainment Apps

So whether you choose the Subway, bike or train to get around NYC – you simply need a good app to help you relax, zone out, and a deep breath. For a break from the occasionally draining noise of NYC you can relax and unwind in the city. In New York you can play Mission Escape Games – the aim is to escape the room with puzzle or physical games – certainly an unusual but novel activity. If you don’t feel like re-enacting The Crystal Maze maybe kick back with Spin Palace and enjoy online slots and many other games at your hotel or within a NYC wifi zone. They offer a range of games including Thunderstruck and Terminator 2, or if you are aghast at the craziness of NYC why not make your own city with Sim City and see if running a city can be as stressful as real life!

Wifi + Coffee Apps

As a New Yorker you will also need coffee and there are so many independent ones in the city – don’t follow the crowd and go to Starbucks, as you can download and use the NYC Wifi & Coffee app. This provides opening times and locations of these indies which you can enjoy and get much needed rest from the go go go atmosphere you will find in the Big Apple.

Mental time away from the city will enable you to re-focus and re-energize the city that never sleeps and is always on a mission. These apps can ease the confusion and bring clarity to your visit.

Would love to know…how do you keep your sanity in the city?  Share below!