UsedYorkCity Inspiration #21

KEY LARGO^^Currently having a lovely time in Key West! I’ll bring some sunshine back to NYC, promise!^^

1. Learned about some new veggie friendly restaurants in the city I’m excited to try! (via AM New York)

2. 21 ways NYC can learn from London…so on board with that subway etiquette! (via Buzzfeed)

3. I’m at that age where the exhausting topics of babies/IVF comes up at every social gathering. This article is a beautiful reminder that lifestyle choices don’t need to look the same for everyone. (via Harper’s Bazaar)

4. Micro apartments are coming to NYC! Would you pay the 2-3K a month for one?! (via Business Insider)

5. A gorgeous roundup of unexpected hotel rooms around the world. I’ll take the underground igloo in Finland, please! (via Refinery 29)

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5 Ways To Spend Girls-Night-Out In NYC

satc_girlsIn honor of Women’s History Month (yay, March!), we’re rounding up a few of our favorite ways you can grab your bestie girlfriends and enjoy a special date out together.

1. The Bachelorette Show

Nope, you totally don’t have to be celebrating nuptials of any kind to enjoy this hysterical performance! I’m all about interactive theater, and in this spoof of romance reality shows, the audience mixes, mingles and dances it up to their favorite radio hits, spun by star Guest DJs, as the Bachelors vie for votes. (Seriously, The Bachelorette Show is like watching The Bachelorette but YOU get to decide who she ends up with, so much fun!)  Taking place at the gorgeous 42West venue right in the heart of the theater district, you’ll be delighted to watch the cast compete in dance contests, ab-offs and more. And over the course of the show, they’ll slowly be eliminated until only one remains, who will walk off into the sunset with Adriana. The rest are up for grabs, ladies.

2. Spanish Tapas + Flamenco Dancing Show

Every Thursday and Saturday night, join Nai Tapas Bar for live music and spicy flamenco performances!  You can sit at the bar, or request a table close to the dance floor–and if it’s your birthday, you can even get on stage and perform a number with the dancers!  Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of liquid courage in the form of their house made sangria.

3. Attend A Tribute Concert

We all had our favorite bands back in the day, and when I heard about a tribute to the fabulous George Michael and WHAM! taking place at 42West, well, I was all “wake me up before you go-go!”  If Georgie isn’t your jam, a quickie Google search will fill you in on any other tribute bands you’re dying to see!

4. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

From chocolate pizza, to chocolate fondu, to chocolate shots–Max Brenner has it all.

5. Get Your Girl Power On

Bluestockings is a volunteer run bookstore on the Lower East Side, hosting regular readings, workshops, performances, discussions and films catering to women (you can check out current events on their calendar).  And ladies, their coffee is only $1, which is a steal in this city!

Wishing all you ladies a very happy Women’s Month, and do share your favorite activities to do with girlfriends below!

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Intermission: Honeymoon In Vegas

HMV-New-Trio-w-Elvis-emailableAs soon as the overture began, I knew I was going to love Honeymoon In Vegas.  Rather than the below-the-stage variety we’re so used to in Broadway productions, the orchestra actually slid out onto the stage–the musicians playing so lively and spirited, it was a mere introduction to what awaited.  This show will have you saying that what happens in Vegas should certainly NOT stay in Vegas, it should come straight to Broadway!

Seriously, I think this one has staying power on the Great White Way, a hard thing to say about many shows these days.

The story goes like so: Jack is a Brooklynite with an extreme fear of marriage, thanks to the dying wish curse of his mother that he should never get married, because what woman could possibly be as wonderful as she?   When he finally gets up the nerve after 5 years to ask his girlfriend Betsy to marry him, they waste no time, jumping on the first plane out to the marriage capital of the world, you guessed it, Vegas!

Ahh, but never did the course of love run smoothly.  Before the elopement, Jack ends up loosing a hefty hand at poker, and in turn commits his future bride to spend the weekend with smooth-talking gambler Tommy (played perfectly by Tony Danza of “Who’s the Boss?” fame), who falls head-over-heels for Betsy at first sight.  From here, Jack must go to extreme heights to win back the love of his life.

Now, the story line had me scratching my head a bit…if my future hubby pimped me out for a $58,000 gambling debt, I can guarantee you the musical wouldn’t have ended the way it did!  And yet…the show was positively brilliant, filled to the brim with deliciously memorable show tunes (I went right home and replayed every last one on my computer!), dazzling Vegas-inspired but Broadway-approved dance numbers, and the energy buzzing from the actors left me giddy even at 11pm on a Wednesday night as we got home from the theater.  Which you know is saying a lot, as a night owl I’m not!

Honeymoon In Vegas is a dazzling ray of sunshine in an otherwise dismal NYC winter.  Seriously, I think this one has staying power on the Great White Way, a hard thing to say about many shows these days.  So do yourself a favor and scoop up a ticket sooner rather than later–you’ll be pleased you did once the Tony’s broadcast the show’s fabulousness, I promise.

p.s. we’re teaming up with the show to offer 40% off ticket prices with the code HONEY1, when you purchase here!




New Yorker Moments

unnamed-16{quick day trip out of the city to the beautiful town of cold springs, ny}

Did you guys see the article talking about how it’s been the coldest February in NYC since 1934?  BRUTAL, my friends.  Despite the wind tunnels and unpleasant commutes, I’m actually really grateful the weather has lent itself to staying inside–I’ve gobbled up several delicious books that have been sitting on my bookshelf for way too long, one particular novel I’d for sure suggest for an easy, light read for your commute: Maine.  I loved this excerpt:

“She was always going on a boat ride up the Hudson or biking through to the Bronx or trying every pizza place in Staten Island in the course of a week.  She lived in New York the way everyone imagined living there, but no one actually did.”

Here’s hoping March will lend itself to more pleasurable outdoor exploring, right?!  I’m flying out this weekend to Key West, Florida, to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday–we told him to pick anyplace in the world he’s always wanted to visit, and that was the winner!  I’ve never been, so I’m clearly stoked for the sunshine and bike rides and visit to the Hemingway House!  Have any of you been to Key West?  Please, please, please share any suggestions of things to do/places to eat in the comments below–right now I’m just going off of Yelp!;-)

What have you guys been up to lately?  Share your favorite moments below!

unnamed-14{weekend walks in soho}

unnamed-13{spending time reading with my literacy little at the pajama program–5th graders are the best;-)}

unnamed-12{never too old to play in the snow}

unnamed-15{beautiful window display on 5th avenue}






Hunter Gatherers + Giveaway

unnamedWe’re giving away tickets to a new off-Broadway production! Here’s all the details on the show, and how to grab your pair!

HUNTER GATHERERS is a pitch black comedy that begins with one couple’s annual dinner get-together with best friends. The evening begins with an animal sacrifice that quickly descends into more sex, violence, deception, wrestling, and dancing than at previous parties. It’s an ominously comic evening where the line between civilized and primal man is blurred, and where not everyone will survive long enough to enjoy the brownies for dessert.


Here’s how to enter:

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The contest will run until Friday, March 6th, at which time a winner will be randomly chosen and announced on this post and via Twitter, and the winner will be notified directly by the email address that they subscribed with! Best of luck to all our readers!

p.s. if you don’t win the tickets, here’s a code for discounted ticket prices: REDCARL20 (through March 12th) REDCARL25 (through March 13th through March 28th).