Hey NYC, This Towel Is A Game Changer

timthumbWhen I discover a product that makes life ten thousand times more pleasurable, simpler, warmer, or just BETTER, I feel the need to share it with the world.  Like when my friend told me about the brand Canada Goose and I converted (just like every other New Yorker this winter), I suddenly stopped hating the months November through March–and actually ((almost)) enjoy walks from the subway in 2 degree weather!

In that spirit, I recently discovered a towel that has changed my life.  Okay, not life changing, I exaggerate, BUT–it’s at least changed how often I need to do laundry, and that’s pretty great, right?!

I don’t need to go into a rant about doing laundry in NYC (another blog post, another day), and while I can clearly get by washing clothes just once a week, I’ve always hated having damp towels throughout the week.  It seemed that no matter which way you’d hang them, those fluffy, pretty Crate & Barrel towels would never completely dry between showers, and it’s been driving me a little nuts for, oh, the past decade.

Enter the wonder product: linen towels!  GoodLinens says it best:

100% linen towels will enhance your daily rituals.  They feel luxurious.  Absorbent, wonderfully textured and lightly exfoliating, they improve with use.  Linen towels are well-behaved, air-drying quickly, maximizing storage space, soiling less readily and spending less time in the dryer than cotton terry.

It’s true.  These suckers are fast drying and I’ve yet to encounter a damp towel by my next shower.  My only complaint is they are a bit rough on the skin at first (I guess this is the exfoliating part?), but this improves with use and age.  Investment piece for the win!

Do you have a life-changing product you’ve been loving as of late?  Share below!

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For Your NYC Commute: Serial

serialAlrighty, I realize now I’m a few months behind on this incredible little discovery called Serial.  I had heard people talk about it before the holidays, but never really had time to start a new series of anything until now.  So the other night I began my google search with “cereal”, (oh, jess).  If you happen to be one of the clueless like me, here’s a little background on this podcast gem, taken from The Guardian:

“What is Serial? It’s a podcast that comes out in weekly installments, hosted by Sarah Koenig, an experienced This American Life producer/journalist. For the past year, Koenig has been looking at an old, cold murder case. In 1999, in Baltimore, a young woman called Hae Min Lee went missing. After a few weeks, her body was found in Leakin Park. She had been strangled. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was charged with her murder, convicted and sent to prison for life plus 30 years. He has always protested his innocence.”  

Adnan_Syed_1998Alright, so I knew going into it I was going to be hooked.  A little unknown fact about me: along with a slight obsession of all things Law & Order, I was on the jury of a murder case right here in NYC a few years back.  It was a tumultuous ordeal, cause when there’s no witnesses at the scene, where exactly do you draw the line of “beyond a reasonable doubt”?  Especially when you’re talking about locking a person away for life? This wasn’t just some TV show, this was the rest of a man’s existence we were talking about, and there was no solid, 100% proof to justify anything. At the end of the day, it was looking at the evidence, and going with your gut, and praying that your gut was right.

“We are so used to murder when it’s all sewn up. What Serial does is remind us that murder and the investigation of it are human, messy, not simple, not clear. Extraordinary, bad things happen to ordinary, good people. We do not wish them on anyone. And yet, because of their extraordinariness, their awfulness, they are fascinating. They bring a thrill. We want to work out murder, order it, get the right villain… because we are scared. This is real life. This actually happened.”

I binge listened.  I commuted and listened, I went to bed and listened, I cooked and listened…I couldn’t turn it off.  If you haven’t jumped on the Serial wagon yet, go on, you won’t regret it.  Did I mention it’s free?  If you’ve listened, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

And please share other podcasts/books/articles you’re hooked on at the moment!




Intermission: The Little Prince

unnamed-1It’s rare that a piece of theater can be equally appropriate, not to mention adored, by audiences ages 7 to 77+, but The Little Prince is precisely that show.  Based on the classic French children’s book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Hang a Tale takes this timeless story of love and friendship and transforms it to magic on the stage.

Now, as some of you long time blog followers may recall, as a favorite book from my childhood and also the epicenter of my now-husband’s proposal story, The Little Prince has a special place in my heart–so if anyone is going to be particular about the reproduction of this show from page to stage, it’s going to be me.  It’s a tricky thing–to take a well-loved story and make it come to life even more in the theater than it does in one’s own imagination, especially a tale so well-known and read as this one.  Was Hang a Tale Productions able to do it?  The answer, my fellow theater lovers, is not only did they do it, they nailed it.  It’s like they were able to get into my own head, how I had visualized the story to unfold during every read over the years, and they projected that right onto stage–truly magic and magical.

If you’re not familiar with the storyline, I encourage you to run out and read the book–but in the meantime will do a quick story overview.  A pilot is stranded in the middle of the desert after his plane crashes.  Suddenly, a small little person appears from another planet, asking the pilot to draw him a sheep.  (Thankfully, our pilot was once a budding artist, before he grew up and went for a more practical career in aviation.  Ahh, grown-ups.)  A friendship quickly emerges, in which the pilot asks the little person, (who we learn is the little prince), what led him to earth.  The little prince tells him the adventures that led him to where he is–recounting stories of friendship, love, and perhaps most importantly, tales that remind you to never forget the wonder and awe of life as you get older.  The key theme of the story can be broken down into one line: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

a780ae_18f89be553b1406e9758e5054220e0af.jpg_srb_p_1180_637_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Tarah Flanagan, who plays the role of the prince, seriously seemed as if she was born with the sole purpose to execute this role to perfection.  She reminded me of a little pixie bouncing around the stage, wide eyed and filled with curiosity, reciting lines about how “all grown-ups were once children…but only few of them remember it.”  The aviator was also played by a human actor (strange to say it that way, eh?), Christopher Gerson, and the rest of the characters were depicted by the ensemble of actors and actresses navigating giant puppets around the stage.

Such a gorgeous production–I encourage you to run, not walk, to the box office and scoop up tickets to this timeless story.  Bravo, Hang a Tale Productions, bravo!


p.s. in case you missed it, here’s our visit to The Morgan Library last year when The Little Prince was on display!




UsedYorkCity Inspiration #21

KEY LARGO^^Currently having a lovely time in Key West! I’ll bring some sunshine back to NYC, promise!^^

1. Learned about some new veggie friendly restaurants in the city I’m excited to try! (via AM New York)

2. 21 ways NYC can learn from London…so on board with that subway etiquette! (via Buzzfeed)

3. I’m at that age where the exhausting topics of babies/IVF comes up at every social gathering. This article is a beautiful reminder that lifestyle choices don’t need to look the same for everyone. (via Harper’s Bazaar)

4. Micro apartments are coming to NYC! Would you pay the 2-3K a month for one?! (via Business Insider)

5. A gorgeous roundup of unexpected hotel rooms around the world. I’ll take the underground igloo in Finland, please! (via Refinery 29)

What’s been inspiring you this week?  Link up or share below!






5 Ways To Spend Girls-Night-Out In NYC

satc_girlsIn honor of Women’s History Month (yay, March!), we’re rounding up a few of our favorite ways you can grab your bestie girlfriends and enjoy a special date out together.

1. The Bachelorette Show

Nope, you totally don’t have to be celebrating nuptials of any kind to enjoy this hysterical performance! I’m all about interactive theater, and in this spoof of romance reality shows, the audience mixes, mingles and dances it up to their favorite radio hits, spun by star Guest DJs, as the Bachelors vie for votes. (Seriously, The Bachelorette Show is like watching The Bachelorette but YOU get to decide who she ends up with, so much fun!)  Taking place at the gorgeous 42West venue right in the heart of the theater district, you’ll be delighted to watch the cast compete in dance contests, ab-offs and more. And over the course of the show, they’ll slowly be eliminated until only one remains, who will walk off into the sunset with Adriana. The rest are up for grabs, ladies.

2. Spanish Tapas + Flamenco Dancing Show

Every Thursday and Saturday night, join Nai Tapas Bar for live music and spicy flamenco performances!  You can sit at the bar, or request a table close to the dance floor–and if it’s your birthday, you can even get on stage and perform a number with the dancers!  Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of liquid courage in the form of their house made sangria.

3. Attend A Tribute Concert

We all had our favorite bands back in the day, and when I heard about a tribute to the fabulous George Michael and WHAM! taking place at 42West, well, I was all “wake me up before you go-go!”  If Georgie isn’t your jam, a quickie Google search will fill you in on any other tribute bands you’re dying to see!

4. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

From chocolate pizza, to chocolate fondu, to chocolate shots–Max Brenner has it all.

5. Get Your Girl Power On

Bluestockings is a volunteer run bookstore on the Lower East Side, hosting regular readings, workshops, performances, discussions and films catering to women (you can check out current events on their calendar).  And ladies, their coffee is only $1, which is a steal in this city!

Wishing all you ladies a very happy Women’s Month, and do share your favorite activities to do with girlfriends below!

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