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    Visit The MOMA’s Sculpture Garden For Free

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    On a recent visit to the MOMA, I noticed the queuing system had changed…it seemed they were only checking tickets to go upstairs, rather than also on the ground floor of the museum…the floor that houses the sculpture garden.  I asked at the information desk, and sure enough, the garden is now free to the […]

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  • Iced Coffee Must-Haves!.jpg

    Bye Bye Starbucks, Hello Save Bucks!

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014

    A few months ago I interviewed Stefanie from The Broke and Beautiful Life, who has a really great mantra when it comes to spending and saving money: write everything down!  So I did just that.  And you know what a quick scan of my iPhone Notes recently told me?  Since the start of summer, I’ve […]

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  • Postcards To NYC

    Tuesday, July 22, 2014

    Dearest NYC, For all the ladies (and gents!) pondering the most mentioned brand on Sex and the City, oh, EVER, the answer is clearly given to us in this brilliant 9 minute montage which details all the brands mentioned in the show in every. single. SEASON!  Ekk!:-) xoxo, Jess p.s. if you guessed #vogue, you […]

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    Get Blown Away (Or Not) At The New Museum’s Exhibit “Here And Elsewhere”

    Monday, July 21, 2014

    {totally love this dishtowel hanging in the gift shop…says it all;-)} As Manhattan’s only dedicated contemporary art museum, the New Museum is known for being THE destination for new art and new ideas.  And on top of that, the museum features the work of living artists, which we at UYC think it pretty awesome. {Sidenote: I’ll […]

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    New Yorker Moments: One Year

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    Last week Mr. P and I celebrated our 1st anniversary of being very married!  Seriously, where does the time go?! I mentioned to him that as an anniversary gift (because 1st year = paper, right?), I’d like to make a tradition of taking photos each July 7th.  Ya know, kind of like how some families […]

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    An Afternoon On Roosevelt Island

    Thursday, July 17, 2014

    I often joke around that I’m “staying on the island for the summer”…meaning the island of Manhattan, of course.  But there’s another island right next door that’s super quick and easy to get to (no car needed!), and offers a lot of quiet, solitude, and nature that we’re not necessarily swimming in on the island […]

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  • A Ride On The Roosevelt Island Tram

    Wednesday, July 16, 2014

    Today I’m taking you on a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram, which, for the swipe of a Metrocard, offers some of the best views in the city! And what, you may wonder, is there to do on this Roosevelt Island once I’m there?  Excellent question, my friends!  And get excited, because we have a […]

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    Lunchtime Meditation At The Three Jewels

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014

    Meditation has always been something that’s intrigued me (remember, it was on my summer to-do list!).  While I practice yoga on the regular, it’s never been much of a zen activity for me…let’s chalk this up to the fact that I like hot yoga, and it’s hard to be zen when you have about a […]

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    Between The Seas Festival + Giveaway

    Monday, July 14, 2014

    This contest has officially ended.  A huge New York thank you to all who participated, and congrats to our winner, Leslie!  Stay tuned for more exciting UsedYorkCity.com giveaways! Happy Monday!  We’re thrilled to share with you an upcoming contemporary dance/theater/music festival that we love and are huge fans of here at UsedYorkCity…and of course, giveaway […]

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    Ask Jess

    Friday, July 11, 2014

    Hi guys!  Welcome to the second installment of “Ask Jess”, in which I publicly  answer questions that I’ve received through the site! Remember, if you have a question feel free to send me a Tweet, comment below, or post the question to UYC’s Facebook wall.  Looking forward to answering yours next! Q: I’ve visited NYC several times and did most […]

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FoodPorn Friday: Ktchn

When taking the hubby to the theater, pre-show snacking is pretty important.  All you theater-geeks married to or dating non-theater geeks totally get what I mean, right?  Kinda like how it’s REALLY important for me to have good snacks when sitting through a soccer game or tennis match and especially football…but I digress. We were […]

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Intermission: Bullets Over Broadway

You would think a show so tellingly titled “Bullets Over Broadway” would fit the “Great White Way” smoother then Cinderella’s glass slipper. It’s not that it lacks for an evening of entertainment – especially strong are the formidable dance numbers. Yet ultimately you leave the theater puzzled (“Huh?”) rather then pleased (“Wow!”) For those of […]

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Bermuda by UsedYorkCity.com

My Bermudaful Vacation

Guys: I discovered a place where it’s a constant 75 degrees and less flight time than Florida!  (Ok, Jess, you didn’t discover per say, but we’ll just play along to appease your excitement.)  Blue skies, pink sand, always-full-drink-in-your-hand…that’s right, we’re talking Bermuda! At under 2 hours from NYC (and daily non stops from JFK with […]

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Fika by UsedYorkCity.com

Postcards To NYC

Dearest NYC, Some of your residents IV drip this stuff, and rightly so.  You can be an exhausting city at times.  Thank goodness for your kind-natured baristas that take the time to make foam hearts and other smile inducing doodles.  I think it makes it feel a lot less medicinal, wouldn’t you agree? Cheers, Jess […]

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Tips On Where To Save/Splurge On Your NYC Wedding

Happy wedding season!  To all you NYC brides…I know.  New York City and wedding in the same sentence can sound like a money pit waiting to happen, and while, YES, it’s perhaps not the cheapest place to host a wedding, there’s definitely areas that can be saved on.  I spent the entire last year of […]

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Where To Eat And What To Order

Galician octopus with Spanish olive oil and smoked pimenton de la vera ($9)

Despaña: A Love Letter from Spain to NYC

Greetings from sunny, succulent Barcelona – the very best place to eat – ever. The food culture is simply amazing here. I had breakfast this morning (as we do every morning in Barcelona) at my friend Juanito Bayen’s counter in the Boqueria market – one of my favorite things to do in the world. The […]

Photo Credit: http://janekratochvil.wordpress.com/

Hakkasan Is To Cantonese Cuisine As Hermès Is To Haute Couture

“Quand on déguste ses plats, c’est de l’érotisme; mais quand on regarde ses prix, c’est la pornographie.” -Romain Gary Foodie that I am, this is of course one of my favorite lines in French literature, which roughly translates to: “the taste of his food is erotic, but the prices on his menu look pornographic!” Hakkasan […]

Hommos (Photo Credit: http://www.almayassnyc.com/gallery.php)

Al Mayass (Huh?)

It’s unquestionably the best Lebanese food outside of the Middle East, Europe or Montreal. But the name… how dumb can they be?     Reminds me of a story that Colin Peter Field, bartender of the legendary Hemingway Bar at the Ritz in Paris, likes to tell about his friend at the Crillon. Field has […]

Aldea (Photo Credit: http://georgemendesnyc.com/)

Eat The Shrimp! At Aldea…

I loved the part in the movie Shark Tale when Robert DeNiro, voicing over the mobsteresque head shark insists that his mild-mannered shark son Jack Black “Eat the Shrimp!” And way before DeNiro, Ferran Adria also insisted in what he has cited as the best article ever written about El Bulli, that you too should […]

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