Pay-for-Time-Used Fitness Model Comes To NYC!

Hate the idea of locking yourself into a monthly membership fee for a gym you may or may (probably) not use? Me too. That’s why I was really excited to hear about the POPiN app, which allows New Yorkers to access high-end gyms and pay ONLY for the time you use, down to the minute.

This is ideal for any New Yorker with an unpredictable schedule…those who work long hours, those constantly traveling, stay-at-home parents who never know when they may have an hour of time to sneak away (right here!;-) I love that you only pay for what you use, with absolutely no commitments, ever. Goodbye, $180 monthly gym memberships!

I was delighted to give POPiN a try this weekend for a class I’d been hoping to get to for a long time…Dog Yoga! The class was hosted in the gorgeous Sixty LES Hotel, which lets you work out for only 16 cents a minute…coming out to less than $9 for an hour long yoga class (surrounded by adorable, adoptable dogs cuddling and kissing and playing around the entire time, no less!) Plus amazing views of the NYC skyline…such a fun time that felt more like a NYC experience and less like a typical workout.

Holding the sweetest adoptable chihuahua here, Sneakers! Contact Pup Starz Rescue if you’re interested in adopting;-)

Going forward, I also look forward to using POPiN as a way to access high-end gym’s amenities, such as the pool at the Athletic and Swim Club and the outdoor sundeck, jacuzzi, and steam room and sauna at Mercedes Club. You simply scan the app when you walk in and when you walk out, and your time spent at the venue is billed down to the minute. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy:-)

Here’s to self-care, on your own terms!

p.s. here’s more ways to score affordable workout classes in NYC!