Pooch Paradise: St. Michael’s Inn At Perry Cabin

Fun fact: Wedding Crashers is one of my husband’s Top 2 favorite movies (I’ll leave you hanging in suspense as to the other…!)  So when narrowing down choices for a laid back, drivable, not-too-far-from-NYC-where-we-can-also-bring-our-dog getaway, I was thrilled when the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michael’s, Maryland popped up.  Why?  Because it’s the gorgeous spot Wedding Crashers was shot, of course!

unnamed unnamed-3I know you’re probably all “do you guys really pick weekend getaways based on your favorite movies?!”  Well, yes and no.  While that was what initially roped us in and got our interest piqued, a few other key items were what sold us.

First off: the inn is pet friendly, and SO friendly to your pets!  (Pet parents will automatically know the importance here!)  While once upon a time I was able to sneak my sweet chihuahua in just about anywhere, in his older age he’s become much more, shall we say, vocal.  If I were to leave him in a strange room for more than a few minutes, his chirping (the cute little noise he makes when he barks, but sounds much more like a chirp!) begins.  Impossible to hide.  Which makes finding properties where we can bring him along, comfortably, a bit of a challenge.

unnamed-7We were chuffed to find out the inn only has you pay $100 pet fee (for the entire stay!), and also treats your pooch like royalty.  I’m talking doggie cookies, bathroom bags, water at your front door, and so many hugs and kisses and scratches throughout the day.  They even had a doggy menu you could order from!  And our own little fenced-in backyard for Gills to go potty romp around!  I’m pretty sure Gillman thought this was a spa vacation just for him.

unnamed-4Besides not having to stress about the comfort of our 14 year old chihuahua (which was huge, as you pet parents will agree), the inn offers lots of other goodies for a relaxing retreat: the essentials, such as a spa, seasonal outdoor pool, delicious restaurant, casual pub, and fitness center, along with nice bonuses such as gorgeous gardens, waterside location, and both complimentary bikes and boat docking.  The town of St. Michael’s is quaint and walkable, full of just enough cafes, boutiques, and antique stores to fill an afternoon stroll.  All this in under a 4 hour drive from NYC.  Kinda perfect, eh?

unnamed-5My favorite part, though?  Sitting by the roaring fireplace in the lobby, playing board games and drinking wine–the ultimate rest and recharge. With little man on my lap, of course.

cn_image_3.size.inn-at-perry-cabin-st-michaels-st-michaels-united-states-104079-4 unnamed-6Have you been on any pet-friendly getaways lately?  Share below!


  • Mike says:

    If Wedding Crashers is #2 where does Dumb and Dumber rank? There have been lots of places I’ve either stayed at or wanted to stay at because it was on the big screen or tv. I sooooo get that, Jessica. Of course, the best part of this entire post is my favorite Chihuahua in the whole world – Gillman. Looking as dapper and handsome as ever. That is wonderful that a place that high end takes dogs. Is there a size requirement? (I think you know my angle on that question)
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    • Used York City says:

      Haha, you got it Mike! Dumb and Dumber is number ONE!;-) (although we couldn’t make it to Aspen on this trip…maybe next time;-) and they totally do accept big dogs, I saw a Goldie a few doors down from us–who was being much better behave than little Gillman, I’ll have you know. Haha, they socialized a bit, it was the cutest thing. So keep this on your radar for a possible vacation in the future…!

  • Tamara says:

    I instantly recognized it from the movie! So cool.
    We used to have a guidebook to how to travel in California with a dog. I remember we could bring her into restaurants and stores!
    Now that we have our new pup, we do often reserve pet friendly places but they can be really crappy – the dog rooms. The place you stayed looks like it wouldn’t just stuff you in the yucky rooms. That has happened to us!
    Tamara recently posted..Happy Birthday To You. You Live in a Zoo!My Profile

    • Used York City says:

      oh what a cool idea, that guide! i’m going to look into it to see if there’s a nyc/northeast version! now that he’s older we really have to plan our trips around him, so this would be super helpful!

  • Katie says:

    I love the movie Wedding Crashers too! What a beautiful and fun place to getaway! The canine menu was so neat. Love it.

  • Tracy Kaler says:

    Love the look of this place! We rarely go anywhere because of our dog Bogey. It’s so tough to find someone you can trust to take care of the fur babies, so we take him with us if we can. We intentionally plan trips to places that allow dogs. 🙂 Will keep this one in mind for sure!
    Tracy Kaler recently posted..All-Around Yummy: Iris Cafe in Brooklyn HeightsMy Profile

    • Used York City says:

      So agree, leaving the babies behind is tough–unless we can get the (grand)parents to watch Gills, we bring him everywhere, too!

  • How cool to visit where The Wedding Crashers was filmed. I like the look of the pooch menu, didn’t realise that you had to pay a pet fee though, we don’t have that here in the UK
    Suze The Luxury Columnist recently posted..Enoteca Rabezzena – London’s New Wine HotspotMy Profile

    • Used York City says:

      Oh interesting! Do pets get to stay for free in the UK? I wish that was the case here!;-)

  • I ain’t gonna lie, I hate the term “Pet parents.” For some reason it makes me think of Paris Hilton, the fact that she treats dogs like fashion accessories and it makes me want to express myself through breaking stuff. But as we know from my prior posts, I have some decent self control when it comes to my desire to break stuff. LOL. I can tell you are not the same as she is, obviously, but the term, “Pet Parents,” I don’t know, it just gets me going. I have issues.

    In any case, this place looks pretty awesome! I’ve been looking for a getaway and as of yet I am undecided, but this looks like a nice place to visit. I love dogs, so it is cool that we could maybe get to hang out with some doggies too, but I’d be scared if any of them are night howlers, or otherwise misbehaved. LOL. Same as kids I suppose. I’ve had vacations troubled because of bad kids. At one event, a kid took the liberty to slap me, now, as I mentioned above, self control, that is the only reason that kid can still talk to this day. LOL.

    So, have I scared you yet? Haha. Great post, I’ll keep this place in mind!
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    • Used York City says:

      Haha, I do appreciate your honesty, Angel!;-) The really cool thing is that if your dog is howling, the staff will go into your room and play with them until they calm down (there may be an additional $25 “babysitting” fee associated with this, but it’s good for non-pet (cough cough) parents to know they won’t have to hear lots of barking!)

      I’m with you on the bad kids thing–we’ve booked vacations at strictly “no kids allowed” places when we really want to chill. No judgements here:-)

  • Lydia says:

    I love everything about this — a canine menu?! With $6 bottle water?! So fancy. Georgia would be beside herself. Places that cater to animal-lovers are nothing but really, really smart — it makes getting away so much easier. Looks like an amazing trip!
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    • Used York City says:

      Hahah, I couldn’t help but giggle at the bottle water;-) As much as I love my Gills, he’ll be just fine drinking tap! Georgia would fit right in–there were plenty of large dogs there just having the time of their lives!

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