Pros + Cons Of Having A Destination Wedding


For all you ladies and gents who got engaged over the holidays, congrats!  Now the fun starts: wedding planning!  I personally adore talking to people about their dream weddings, and love getting wrapped up in all the details of the day and the months leading up to it.  For others, though, I know wedding planning can be exceptionally stressful (not to say planning mine wasn’t, but it was more of a fun stress;-)  Today I invited my sister to the blog to share her recent wedding in Jamaica, and picked her brain about the pros and cons of having a destination wedding.

Take it away, Lauren!


Hi guys, Lauren here, Jess’s sister!  My now husband and I got engaged last Christmas, and got married in Jamaica on 8.8 of this past year (because double infinity!;-), and seriously had the best time.  We decided to go the destination route pretty early on in the wedding planning process, mainly because 1. we’re both beach people and 2. the stress of trying to plan a big local wedding was giving me more angst than enjoyment, and I couldn’t imagine living the next 8 months dealing with all the stress.  Neither of us had ever been to Jamaica before, and it was important to us to pick somewhere we hadn’t been, so voila!  The idea was born!

Below I’ve rounded up what I consider the Pros and Cons of having a destination wedding.



-wedding planner included

-total cost for wedding and honeymoon is cheaper than doing a big wedding in the states

-travel agent makes keeping track of the guest list easy (we used Trip & Sip Travel and they were amazing)

-the more guests that come the less expensive the wedding (the more rooms your party books, you get perks like cocktail hour included, free guest rooms, the reception dinner included, etc.)

-you get to spend quality time with family and friends (multiple days spent on the beach, excursions, dinners, drinks)

-multi-day party and celebrations

-easy planning – everything from the flowers and table décor to the hutch is easily picked out of a catalog

-you run into your friends and family all over the resort (friends partying at the pool, friends partying at the beach)

-no one has to pull out their wallet, meeting for lunch or breakfast is easily enjoyable with family and friends and no fighting over the tab


-not everyone will make it to your wedding (grandma will probably pass on the hike to the Caribbean)

-it is expensive for guests (and we all have at least one family member who will be vocal about it)

-the resort photography packages can get pricey (we brought our own photographers, Desilu Photography – highly recommend it)

-you have to travel with your wedding dress – (this is a pro and a con, – con because you have to carry it around, but a pro because the airline gives you free drinks in celebration)


If you’re planning a 2017 wedding, we hope you find it helpful in deciding if a destination wedding is the best fit for you!

And as you know, we LOVE talking wedding details!  If you’re married, where was your wedding and what was it like?  Share below!

p.s. in case you missed it, Jess’s wedding story, and where to save + splurge on your wedding (hint: if you’re getting married in NYC you can get the best deals on February and March venues, that’s our “off” season!)


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