Relieve Your Stress With Laughter Yoga!


Guys!  Have you heard of laughing yoga?!  We were randomly discussing it at our book club meeting last month (okay, not completely random because it did pop up in one section of the book, hence the discussion;-), and I got this TERRIBLE itch to give it a try.  Because laughing?  Yoga?  These are both two things that always make me feel better, no matter what.

I did a little internet search and quickly came up with a laughing yoga class held at Yoga Laff that was both:

1. centrally located in midtown, and

2. FREE!

I went the very next day!  Now, I’ll start by telling you what laughing yoga is NOT.  Don’t go looking for an intense physical workout…or really any kind of workout at all, gentle or otherwise.  You can actually attend the class in your street clothes, and no yoga mat or towel is required, which should tell you something right there in terms of its physicality.

So if it’s not a workout, what is laughing yoga, exactly?  It’s a workout of the soul, people.  It’s a HUGE mental/emotional release.  I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in the span of 45 minutes EVER as I did during class.  And it’s important to note that I wasn’t laughing because anything was particularly funny (unless you count a room full or adults walking around laughing hysterically as funny…which I kind of do!)  However, you were laughing because the instructor instructed you to do so within different exercises.  For example, she’d be like:

“Pretend you’re walking down the street and your cell phone rings and you just heard the funniest joke of your life!”

And we would walk around the room on our fake cell phones belly laughing at that imaginary joke.  Get it?;-)  Yes, you feel a little silly at first.  But the uncomfortableness quickly melts away and you realize how good it feels to just laugh.  It reminded me of taking an improv class, but not nearly the amount of pressure.

Honestly, I did feel much lighter after class…probably the same feeling some people get after they leave a therapy session.  Laughing is such an important stress reliever…and as our teacher told us:

Children laugh upwards of 300 times a day.  Adults?  20, if you’re lucky.

Cold hard facts, guys.  So if you’ve had a particularly stressful week (and with the political climate, it’s safe to say that most of us have), I suggest giving laughing yoga a try.

Details: Class is currently held every Wednesday at 6pm on a walk-in basis at 825 7th Avenue @ 53rd Street, Lower Level, New York, telephone 212.956.5920, and is free of charge.

Would love to know…how have you used your city this week?  Share below!


  • Cindy says:

    Hello Jess, before reading your blog, I knew that laughing relieves the stress but I didn’t know that there is something like “laughter yoga” also. It’s really helps in mental/emotional stress release. Thanks for sharing!

  • Leslie Welch says:

    Love this concept of laughing yoga!

    I tend to laugh at myself throughout a yoga class which is distrupting to my fellow yogies!

    I should fit right in at Yoga Laff!

    As always another great read!
    Thanks Jess!

  • Kemkem says:

    Mmmmmm… I laugh a lot, a lot at everything pretty much. Can you imagine that in my years as a pharmacist l got written up twice..for laughing too much at the customer.. Told my boss some people are just so freaking stupid, all you can do is laugh..tears rolling down my face laugh..having everyone join me laugh..everyone but the one who reported me!!! They had to write it up but how do you discipline someone for laughing😂😀☺️😂

  • Tamara says:

    That’s funny! Laughter does have a bit of a contagion effect, and I bet it was real laughter through most of it! I want in!

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