Skin Meet Dermalogica

Last Thursday I got an email: “Enjoy light hors d’oeuvres and cocktails while you experience and learn about skin health at Dermalogica in SoHo.”  My first thoughts included:

  1. Hell yeah.
  2. What will it cost?

Photo Credit: Mijon Zulu

The answer, luckily, was absolutely nothing.  Thanks to Giuliana Rancic’s free daily email digest, Fab Fit Fun, the ladies (and men) of NY were indeed offered their fill of wine, Skinny Girl Sangria, scrumptious finger food, and, for the raffle winners, gifts from “Victoria’s SecretChina GlazeArdell LashesYASSkinny PopITrainVoda SwimRitual CleanseKendra ScottMakeup Forever, Clean PlatesRawk-n-Roll Cuisine and of course an amazing gift basket from Dermalogica”.  Phew!  All that and Dermalogica gave free MicroZone Skin Treatments and Face Mappings from skin therapists.

I know, I know. When you read skin therapist, if you are not in the know, you immediately think:

1.  This boy must be crazy?

2.  My skin doesn’t have emotions.

3.  What on earth is a skin therapist any way?

To find out more, I signed up for a Face Mapping.

A very nice red haired lady sat me down and started to talk skin. Much like a meeting with a therapist, you talk about what you have experienced, what you want to achieve, and ways to make what you want happen.

That, and, get this, she touched my face.

Normally, I feel violated when a stranger enters my personal bubble – especially around my face.  But, my skin therapist made a point of pre-cleansing her hands and had a touch so soft that it felt like a mini-massage.

Photo Credit: Mijon Zulu

With our skin talk and her touch, she educated me on the chemicals in my face wash and how they affected the different zones of my face.  Then, she explained different regiments that would counteract over-drying during winter and how to pick products that would not clog my sensitive pores. Then, whether I bought the products she recommended was up to me, but the regiment was mine to keep.

Hearing this, I wondered how Dermalogica isn’t putting dermatologists out of business because mine had never gone this in depth with me.   I also realized that Dermalogica’s mission is really in line with Fab Fit Fun’s message of beauty from the inside out.  Dermalogica is about empowering the customers to do it themselves.  They want you to achieve healthy skin and not skin that looks beautiful covered up.

Though, I did take some moments to sample the face cream that was recommended to me, Active Moist.  It was a lightweight oil-free cream that made my face feel like it was sprayed with a light mist of cool water.  If you can’t tell, I immediately became addicted. Thus, when I get paid, I’ll be back to, in the words of Parks and Recreation, Treat Yo (My) Self!

WHERE: Dermalogica
110 Grand Street
New York, New York 10013

By: Mijon Zulu



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