Sometimes You Want To Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name (…and the drinks are amazing!)

My entire NYC life I’ve been searching for a bar where everybody knows my name. Okay, by “everybody” I mean the bartender, and bonus points in this fantasy land of mine if the bartender remembered my signature drink and had it ready before I even had my jacket off. Oh, and extra credit if this bar happens to be walking distance from my apartment.

While I haven’t found this fantasy bar in my head ((YET)), I came pretty darn close when I walked into The John Lamb…and by pretty close I mean, it’s not exactly walking distance from my apartment (give or take a few miles), but other than that, the boxes were checked. The bartender was chatty and friendly, the space was absolutely made for intimate conversations over innovative drinks and excellent food and flickering candlelight, and by the end of the night I’m pretty sure the staff knew my signature drink was a cracking cold Sauvignon Blanc.  In fact, when I got home that night I approached my husband with, “How would you feel about a move to the LES?”  I’m pretty positive once I take him to check out the spot for himself, he’ll be totally game.

The Lower East Side spot merges old New York with new New York…vintage style wallpaper, hip and crafty cocktails, and spot-on delicious plates (seriously though, go for a visit and try the Risotto Rice Balls covered in the Fra Diavolo Sauce…oh. emm. GEE. are they tasty!)  It also lends itself perfectly to intimate conversation–whether this means date night or book club to you, if you’re tired of shouting over the clanking of silverware and too loud music on the speakers, I promise you’ll be pleased.

When you’re out catching up on your holiday shopping this month, make sure to stop in and order a Santa’s Little Helper cocktail at the bar (hellloooo New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon, Vanilla Almond Syrup, Chocolate Bitters, and Nitro Stout Rinse!)  You’ll leave with a happy holiday buzz and the even better feeling that, alas, you have found a place where everybody knows your name…and drink order.  Cheers to that!


  • lisa thomson says:

    YUM! I would like to have a bar like this close to home, where they knew my name! My latest drink obsession is Brandy Alexander. Soo tasty. I know it’s an old traditional drink but I’ve only recently discovered it.

  • Joanne Theodorou says:

    Affordable Jess? I was just at the Carlyle where they charged $24 for a glass of white wine…. and now the LES is catching up to the rest of Manhattan (I was hoping they would be the last hold out re: gentrification – but not happening ) so that is why I ask.

    • Used York City says:

      Omg Joanne, that’s insane (but sadly becoming the norm for many of these fancy restaurants!) Cocktails here will set you back $15 (but they are pretty fancy and strong so I’d say worth it!), and I believe a glass of white wine was $10, so much better than the Carlyle!

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