Spring Cleaning? There’s Free Charity Pick-Ups In NYC!

Spring cleaning is high on my list of favorite things.  (Crazy?  Yeah, I know.  But nothing quite beats the feeling of an organized closet, right?!)  What’s perhaps NOT on my list of favorite things is the aftermath of a good closet cleanse: bagging and lugging all the giveaways downtown to the nearest Goodwill/SalvationArmy/charity of choice.  Life without a car!!!  #firstworldproblems The subway requires multiple back and forth trips, and a cab + 10 bags is not that much easier (plus what cab driver wants to pull over for the bag lady?!)

Spring Cleaning by UsedYorkCity.com

Well guys, crisis adverted!  As I was standing knee deep in clothes, a thought struck me: “I wonder if there’s a charity that will come pick all this up for me?  Cause that would make a lot of sense…”  A few Googles later, bam!  I discovered The Little Sisters Of The Assumption, a charity who does just that.

I gave it a try myself, and have to say, super simple process.  From point of contact, a date was scheduled for a pickup the following week, along with a time slot.  If you have a doorman, you don’t even need to be home, they’ll pick the bags right up from your lobby.  AND they leave you a tax receipt.  Done and done!

To arrange for your own NYC pickup, simply email sharingplace@lsafhs.org, or fill out the form here.  Happy spring cleaning!

What’s the toughest part of Spring Cleaning for you?  Share below!


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen




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