Street Eats In Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok by When people ask what the most memorable thing we did in Bangkok was, the first thing out of my mouth is, “Drink coffee from a food truck in an alley while wearing PJ’s*!”  Ok, yes, we saw lots of amazing temples, Buddahs drenched in gold, ate at the top of the world’s highest outdoor restaurant…but none of these quite stick out so much as the coffee.  (It’s the little things, no?)

Of course I had to Google this bevvy as soon as we got home to reproduce the lovely brew in our NYC apartment.  If you drink your joe like I do (light and sweet, to a fault), give it a try.  I think you’ll love it. Bangkok by Bangkok by Bangkok by Besides the coffee, the sidewalks of Bangkok are quite the moveable feast.  Everywhere you looked there were vendors selling food (shocking how the entire country stays so small!)…I loaded up on the fresh fruits and ice creams, and let the hubby try the more adventurous meats-on-a-stick.  Here’s some of our favorites! Bangkok by Bangkok by Bangkok by Bangkok by Bangkok by Bangkok by Bangkok by Bangkok by Bangkok by Bangkok by

What’s the most memorable food/drink you’ve experienced during your travels?  Share below!

(disclaimer: ok, they weren’t really pj’s, but in order to go inside the temples you need to be wearing long pants, so I purchased these from a street vendor, and now when I go back through that day’s photos I’m like, “By golly, I was walking around Bangkok in sleeping pants!”)


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen


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