Summertime Soiree With Affairs Afloat

As any New Yorker who doesn’t live in Brooklyn or Staten Island knows, hosting a summertime soiree with some of your favorite friends can be next to impossible given the tiny space constraints of our apartments.  That’s why I was thrilled to hear about Affairs Afloat, a floating party boat that makes the perfect venue for a midweek meetup with friends.



We attended the Wednesday night Brazilian Cruise.  There were spicy samba dancers, a live band and DJ spinning the best Brazilian beats (and a healthy portion of Top 40 hits for your listening pleasure, too), and a nice mix of New Yorkers, tourists, and those folks from across the Hudson that we love so much, New Jersey-ians.  The boat boards at 6:30 and sails until 10, offering a $10 buffet and cash bar.


The boat provided the perfect venue for getting your mid-week dance on…


…mixing and mingling with friends, old and new…


…being thoroughly entertained…


…this duo even found love!  How’s that for a Wednesday night?!



The view of NYC was, of course, stunning.  Being stuck in the grid most of the time, it’s nice to take a step back and look at Manhattan in all its skyline glory.  It’s a rare treat, well, unless you live in Brooklyn or Staten Island.  Then I guess you can have your garden dinner parties AND skyline view.  But for the rest of us, we’ll always have Affairs Afloat.




-The buffet and bar are cash only, so hit up an ATM before boarding.

-Ladies, I appreciate the aesthetic value of the stiletto as much as the next girl, but trying to dance in heels on a boat is both painful and gives off the illusion that you are staggering around drunk (then again, it could just be me…)  But just as a backup, slip a pair of flats in your purse.

-It’s called a party cruise for a reason: the music is LOUD.  As you can see above, you may be lucky enough to find romance on the boat, but it’s definitely not a venue for intimate conversation.

-For more information on dates, times, locations, and tickets, please visit Affairs Afloat’s website.


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen



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