5 Ways To Be Inspired In New York City

Photo Credit: George Ferrandi

I am constantly looking for inspiration in the city. Some days, the little things that make our life go round inspire me. Others days, I need a little more than the regular everyday things. The Neighbors Pawel Althemer’s The Neighbors exhibit at the New Museum has given me the inspiration to do exactly what I […]

Lessons In Blogging From Garance Dore

Garance Dore

Seeing the darling Garance Dore at the French Institute Alliance Francaise during her “Style Stories” interview was already a highlight of my month life.  I find this French girl the epitome of all things style and vogue, from the perfect application of her red lipstick to her ability to create a denim on denim outfit […]

The United Solo Theatre Festival

United Solo Festival

Much like the rest of us, I had never heard of a ‘Ponzi scheme’ until I heard it applied to Bernie Madoff in the news. Thanks to the solo play “Charles Ponzi – A Dollar and a Scheme” written and performed by Alessio Bordoni I learned that AKA Charles Ponzi was originally Carlo Pietro Giovanni […]

UYC’s Guide: 5 NYC Events To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Photo Credit: http://www.nybg.org

October is full of tasty Halloween treats in the city…get hopped up on enough sugar and there’s no telling how many you can get around to!  But if time is limited, here’s our top five picks for getting in that spooky spirit, NYC style: 1.) The Haunted Pumpkin Garden If you’ve been looking for an excuse […]

Cheap Date: Broadway In The Park + Personalized Ice Cream Bars

Photo Credit: http://www.campbroadway.com

Nothing says romance quite like a summertime rendevous in the park.  And when that rendevous includes free performances from Broadway’s biggest stars, plus delicious custom made ice cream bars, well.  We think that’s just fabulous. The Shows Broadway in Bryant Park is a summertime tradition in NYC.  Every Thursday from 12:30 to 1:30, you can […]

Cheap Date: Outdoor Film + Moonlit Picnic

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/bryantparknyc

As countless Matthew McConaughey flicks would have us believe, New York City in the summer is the perfect setting for a romantic rendezvous.  And no matter if you have champagne tastes…(or champagne tastes on a beer budget, as they say down south), you’d be hard pressed to find a girl who’s heart doesn’t beat a […]

Who’s Saying What At The Happy Ending Lounge

Blaise Allyson Kearsley - Creator, Producer, Host

Let me tell you a story, about some storytellers, telling their story, down in the Bowery. I heard about the “How I Learned” series and had to check it out for myself. I mean, how else can I tell you about it, right? Alright, so it all happens at the Happy Ending Lounge on Broome […]

A Devilish Good Time In Queens

Tuesday night's 1st Place Dean Masello @DeanMasello

Upon walking in The Laughing Devil Comedy Club you’re greeted by a bar with a row of 14 taps ready to pour you a pint of your favorite import, craft or classic draft beer. I love beer, so yeah…great start! Oh, food…get the chicken tenders and tots. I love tots, too — but enough about […]

Here’s The Story: Free Laughs On The Lower East Side

Photo Credit: http://www.localbozo.com

“It’s a city of strangers; some come to work, some to play.  A city of strangers, some come to stare, some to stay.” -“Another Hundred People” from “Company” by Stephen Sondheim A pitch perfect description of life in this urban environment called New York…we work, we play, we stare…then we stay. But we don’t want […]

Choral Festival At Carnegie Hall + Giveaway


This contest has officially ended.  A huge New York thank you to all who participated, and congrats to our winners, Elise and Shayla!  Stay tuned for more exciting UsedYorkCity.com giveaways! New York City is no stranger to beautiful buildings.  From Rockefeller to the Flatiron to the Empire State, architecture is truly one of our great city’s […]

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