Reflections On The 11th Annual Bosnian Herzegovinian Film Festival

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I spent a good portion of this past weekend practicing Bosnian, guys!  (Remember that tiny ambitious goal from last year that I still haven’t checked off yet?  Fail, I know.)  BUT…I spent several hours immersed in the language at the 11th Annual Bosnian Herzegovinian Film Festival, so we’ll consider that a win! This year’s festival […]

Top 10 NYC Movies From The Mouth Of A Native

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{Dear Readers: The guest post written by Mike Vogler, Top 10 New York City Movies From My West Coast Point Of View, caused quite the passionate discussion here in NYC, so much so that our very own New Yorker and UYC writer Joanne came up with her own top 10!) Now Mike… I don’t mean […]

Top 10 New York City Movies From My West Coast Point Of View


My love for The Big Apple goes back to my early memories as a little boy and talks with my father. He told me of the most magical city in the world that existed a very long ways from our home in California. It had the tallest buildings in the world that looked like regal giants. It was […]

Cheap Date: Outdoor Film + Moonlit Picnic

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As countless Matthew McConaughey flicks would have us believe, New York City in the summer is the perfect setting for a romantic rendezvous.  And no matter if you have champagne tastes…(or champagne tastes on a beer budget, as they say down south), you’d be hard pressed to find a girl who’s heart doesn’t beat a […]

The 9th Annual Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival

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This Thursday, May 3, 2012, marks the kick-off of the 9th Annual Bosnian-Herzegovinian FIlm Festival (BHFF) held at Tribeca Cinemas.  This three day festival will premier films that showcase the diversity of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian experience and culture. Spokesperson for BHFF, Amra Turalic, states, “It’s been 20 years since the aggression in Bosnia and Herzegovina disrupted […]

5 Fantastic Films Set In The Big Apple Available On Netflix Instant


The NYC winter has lent itself to some severe bonding time between me, my couch, and my Netflix Instant Queue.  A lover of films, especially one’s that have NYC sparkling across the silver screen, I thought I’d share some of the best I’ve watched recently that are absolutely worth a two hour chunk of your […]

Free Films At The Tribeca Grand Hotel

Tribeca Grand Hotel

One of my favorite things about summers in the city is the plethora of free movies that play around town in outdoor venues, ranging from parks to rooftops to on top of the Intrepid battle ship (really!)  Since we’re still battling the long, frigid, Big Apple winter, you can imagine my delight when I heard […]

The Paris Theatre In Midtown Manhattan

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On September 13th, 1948, a legend was born.  No, not Olivia Newton-John (nice guess though), but New York’s own Paris Theatre! The Paris is the longest continuously operating art cinema in the United States, truly showing “the classics before anyone knew they were classics”.    Located right in the heart of Manhattan, directly across from […]

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