Popbar Presents…The Waffle Pop!

Photo Credit: Niko Triantafillou

Last summer, I wrote about Popbar in my top 5 ice cream shops in NYC.  Popbar was the most unique of the 5 shops offering naturally flavored gelato pops. I recently got the chance to meet with one of the founders of Popbar, Daniel Yaghoubi.  We met early one morning, maybe earlier than what he’s […]

Cinco de Mayo In The City!

Photo Credit: http://granelectrica.com/

Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican celebration commemorating La Guerra de Puebla in 1862. Some people mistake this day for the Mexican Independence day, which is actually celebrated on September 16th.  Cinco de Mayo is a minor holiday in Mexico but here in the US, it’s another reason for big, BIG celebrations. This year, Cinco […]

5 Of The Sweetest NYC Candy Shops

Photo Credit: http://www.kevinandamanda.com

If you’ve had your share of the same-old, same-old Easter candies, (peeps, chocolate eggs and jelly beans, I’m talking to you), take a walk with me to discover some of NYC’s unique candy shops that will give a fresh spin on your favorite sweets. I started my journey in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn where I was […]

FoodPorn Friday: Kings’ Carriage House

Kings' Carriage House by UsedYorkCity.com

After the delightful time we had at Lady Mendl’s, my mother-in-law suggested that we take NYC by the horns and visit every reputable tea parlor in all five boroughs, featuring the best ones here. Never one to turn down an adventure (or macaroons), it took all of 2 seconds for me to commend her brilliant […]

FoodPorn Friday: Houston Hall

Houston Hall by UsedYorkCity.com

Thursday night in the city and you want to know where all the cool kids are?  Head downtown to Houston Street, and chances are you’ll hear them before you see them. (yes.  it’s loud.  but embrace it and you’ll have a good time, promise.) Houston Hall is, by Manhattan standards, a ginormous beer hall decked […]

Choice Eats Delivers A Happy Belly

Photo Credit: Denise Pina

The Village Voice’s 7th annual Choice Eats tasting event was a satisfying hit!  As soon as I walked into Basketball City on South Street and noticed the thousands of people lining up at each table, I knew I shouldn’t have eaten lunch that afternoon. I was greeted with a tasting glass, a souvenir tray to […]

New Yorkers’ Choice: The Best Pizza In NYC


We’re bringing a very important topic to the table today, folks: Pizza!  The pizza slice is perhaps one of the most iconic NYC foods, and with a pizzeria (or three!) on practically every corner, it’s tough to narrow down from the good to the great.  Not gonna lie: I’m not picky when it comes to […]

5 Ways To Find Your Inner Leprechaun In NYC

Photo Credit: http://greenmountainsummit.com

Good beer, Irish whisky, pubs, and lots of green. Yes. We all follow these traditions but what is St. Patrick’s Day really about? The first thing we can all do to find out inner leprechaun here in NYC is to educate ourselves! The History St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish celebration of Saint Patrick. Saint […]

5 NYC Foodie Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Photo Credit: http://nedhardy.com

There is always Yelp to help you find a restaurant and of course an inordinate amount of reviews to sift through, but why not look at beautifully filtered foodie photos and quick snippet reviews on Instagram? Here are 5 NYC based accounts that talk about the NYC food scene in carefully curated photos and hashtags, […]

FoodPorn Friday: Daniel


“Food should have soul, but the soul is not always in every dish. Sometimes dishes are created because you want some interesting contrast, you want to create something different with the ingredient you have. But that does not mean the dish has found its soul yet.” So speaks the legendary Daniel Boulud. Probably my favorite restaurant, […]

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