Loving Right Now: “The Little Prince: A New York Story”


When you seen the following illustration, would you describe it as: a. a hat b. a mountain c. a fruit cake gone bad d. a boa constrictor digesting an elephant If you answered “d”, I have no need to convince you to run to the Morgan Library and Museum as quickly as possible to see […]

UYC’s Guide: 5 Upper Manhattan Museums You Won’t Want To Miss

Photo Credit: http://www.biking-in-manhattan.com

With the first documented visit by a European in 1524, it’s an understatement to say that New York City is filled with rich history. The City’s depth of museums alone could consume a visit with over 80 spread across the five boroughs – 60 on the island of Manhattan alone.   From the classic to […]

“The ABC Of It: Why Children’s Books Matter” Exhibit At The NYPL

Photo Credit: http://www.nytimes.com

For every child out there –and every adult, for that matter–there is a marvelous, memorable, heart-moving exhibition currently on display on the first floor of the main branch of the NYPL. “The ABC of it: Why Children’s Books Matter” lies directly in front of you, beautifully laid out after you stroll past those infamous lions, […]

Cheap Date: Museum Of Arts And Design + Cocktails With A View

Photo Credit: http://awesomearchitecture.net/

Almost every museum in NYC has a special “pay-what-you-wish” time, and Thursday evenings just happen to be that special time for the Museum of Arts and Design (or, as we New Yorkers like to call it, the MAD Museum.)  From 6pm to 9pm, you and your date can skip the usual $16 admission and peruse […]

The New Museum Presents “Ghosts In The Machine”


The New Museum should be renamed “The Way Ahead of Itself Museum.”  The curators take cutting edge and shred it to the core. Their bold vision never fails to awaken my eyes to another point of view, and to think outside the box I unknowingly erected around my life.  It’s no longer a matter of […]

The MET Presents “Cloud City” Rooftop Exhibition


LOOK! UP IN THE SKY!!     A futuristic flock of seagulls? A compact version of the Space Shuttle?  A summer home for Spiderman? TRY AGAIN! An airborne community of Inuit igloos? HUH? A space age amusement park ride? A contemporary tree house? HINT……if you are thinking perhaps this is a new genus of cumulus […]

The New York Botanical Gardens Presents “Monet’s Garden”

Water Lilies (Photo Credit: Julie Farin)

Summer is not subtle. It shouts at us, dares us, and ultimately plays with us. “Come out, come out wherever you are!”  Gladly we accept this challenge. We work hard and surely earned the pleasures offered by this open season of outdoor living. Stay outside as long as you can!     Make it a […]

NYC’S Museum Mile

(Photo Credit: http://eveningsong.smugmug.com)

Recall my strong sentiments on New York City as a cost efficient outdoor museum…a continuous parade of noteworthy people, objects and activity? Well along comes a chance to test my theory, while enjoying FREE admission to some nine world class museums located along Upper Fifth Avenue.  File this under a new category….the Best of “Budget […]

Museum Of The City Of New York

Stories the City Tells Itself Still from Wind Tunnel, 2012 (Photo Credit: Neil Goldberg)

The City of New York overflows with a spectacle of people, objects, and facades.  It is truly an outdoor museum.   So it should come as no surprise to learn that there is an indoor museum appropriately titled the “Museum of the City of New York” located on “Museum Mile,” upper Fifth Avenue, directly across […]

Manhattan’s Most Serene Museum: The Cloisters

The Cloisters (Photo Credit: www.ournewoffice.com)

In the city that never sleeps, where hustle and bustle dominates and radiates, there comes a time to rejuvenate, reflect and renew.  You relish a bite of the Big Apple, but before it bites you back, you search for a rapid, cost-efficient escape from the concrete jungle.  Time for some city calm.  The best part?  […]

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