Taste The Best Culinary Talent In NYC!


Have you guys heard of Starchefs New York Rising Stars?  It’s an annual tasting and awards ceremony celebrating the brightest culinary talent in New York City, and taking place tomorrow at Capitale.  You can buy your $100 tickets here, which will get you 16 dishes, 16 beverage pairings, and 3 cocktails.  Holy food coma!

My personal favorite part of any special meal is the vino pairings, so I was delighted to join sommelier Andrea Morris from Nix for a little preview of what’s to come Tuesday.  She’s an absolute delight, I would recommend you all head to this downtown vegetarian restaurant just so she can pair the perfect glasses with your meal, and tell you why in the process.

Well, okay, that’s not JUST why you should go to Nix.  It’s a phenomenal Michelin starred restaurant, with a clean, minimalist vibe, and flavorful dishes that are out of this world.  We did a tasting menu, basically sampling all their dishes–and truly, everything that came out was as delicious as it was beautiful.  (And p.s., even though this was a blogger specific dinner, I dined at Nix for my birthday this year and had an exceptional experience then too, so they weren’t just putting on a show.  They really are that incredible, hence the star!)

A few photos to whet your appetite…

And that kale salad?  It was EVERYTHING.  I could literally eat just that with a glass of rose for the rest of my life and be one happy girl.



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