The Books My 1 Year Old New Yorker Loves!


Augusten and I make a pilgrimage to the New York Public Library several times a week.  Between perusing the walls of the children’s section ourselves and randomly pulling books, to asking suggestions from the brilliant librarians that man the room, we’ve found some real gems.  The below are 5 he has been OBSESSED with–as in, his cute little 15 month old hands will drag the book over to me, sit in my lap for a read, and after it’s done flip the pages all the way back to the beginning and point “again!”  Thought I’d share in case any other NYC parents/caregivers/early childhood teachers are looking for a few good reads!

Old Dog Baby Baby: If you have an old dog and a new baby, this gem belongs in your library.  Honestly the first time I read it I teared up hard, because it reminded me of our sweet Gills who passed away when Augusten was just 3 months.  But that aside, it’s really the sweetest book that reads in a sing-song manner, and Augusten loves the part that goes: “Baby hurry, baby wiggle, ‘Puppy! Puppy!’ baby giggle”

It’s seriously going to be my go-to baby shower gift for anyone who already has a senior pup in their lives.


The Baby Goes Beep: Our librarian did this one for Baby Read-A-Loud and it’s so fun to act out the motions with your little.  It lends itself to making different sounds, i.e. “The mommy goes ‘Shhhh”, The mommy goes ‘Shhhh Shhhhh’, The mommy goes ‘Shhhh Shhhhh Shhhh'”, and the repetition of phrases is so key at this age.


A Hop Is Up: This cute city book (it could easily be set in NYC!) follows a boy and his dog around the city, and teaches directions along the way.  We see kids riding their bikes and chant: “A spin is AROUND and AROUND and AROUND!”  It’s fun to make the motions with your baby, and they love the actions the book provides!


Tony Baroni Loves Macaroni: Any picky eaters out there?!  This book is ADORABLE, and I actually can’t get enough of reading it aloud.  Tony’s Nona tries to cook him all kinds of delicious Italian dishes, but he just responds with, “No Nona, please!  Just macaroni and cheese!”  While Augusten can’t talk yet, I have a feeling this may be coming in our near future!;-)


Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes: And finally, Pete The Cat!  I started reading this to Augusten right around 8 months, and it remains one of his favorites.  I’ve got the entire thing memorized, so if he’s having a fussy moment getting into his stroller, I’ll often break out into song and dance, “I love my white shoes!”, and he thinks it’s just swell!  The book has a good lesson for older kids, too: that no matter what happens in life, you gotta just keep on going with a good attitude.


Any books your little ones are loving now?  Share below!

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  • Lori says:

    I see our book up there! Thanks so much for HOP-ping along with us. So glad you enjoy. And, yes, the environment is inspired by where I live in Brooklyn. xo Lori Richmond (illustrator of A HOP IS UP)

    • Used York City says:

      Amazing! Thanks for reaching out, Lori! I’m convinced this book will have my son asking for a dog by the time he can talk, he loves their neighborhood adventure so much!:-)

  • jackson says:

    Oh the books are cute, if there is a chance i will let my son read
    Thanks for your post!

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