The Craziest Bathroom In NYC (And Some Crazy Good Dumplings, Too)

I’ve seen some crazy bathrooms in NYC–the bathroom in the subway stop at Coney Island?  Yeah, it wasn’t pretty, and I was in and out (yes, gagging) before I could even whip my iPhone out to document the horror.  (Lesson learned: there’s never an emergency big enough to warrant a subway bathroom.)  But when I stepped into the bathroom at the Chinatown crazy cheap dumpling house, Vanessa’s, I was pretty taken aback, too.  While it was absolutely covered from ceiling to floor with graffiti and stickers and looked like something out of pre-Giuliani NYC, it was immaculately clean, and smelled of a fresh wiping of Clorox bleach.  Go, Vanessa’s, go!

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The bathroom may be the initial draw to get you to poke your head into this place (think of all the Instagram photos!;-), but don’t leave without trying the dumplings.  A meal here is crazy cheap (mine came in at $7.25), is super tasty, and while it’s not exclusively vegetarian, they certainly have enough items on the menu to cater to the veggie eater.  Add this to your radar of cheap eats in the city.  And don’t forget, Chinatown bathrooms > subway bathrooms, always.

Vanessa’s Dumplings  |  118A Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002


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