The Cutest Cafe In Greenpoint, Brooklyn


The hubs and I have a little inside joke that our “weekends in the country” mean heading over to Brooklyn for the day.  I know, I know, Brooklyn is SO not country–but the adventure of researching places and then venturing into neighborhoods we know little about sort of feels like the equivalent of heading to Rhinebeck or Southampton for the weekend.  No?  Yes?;-)

One recent Sunday, we decided to give Greenpoint a go, and after doing a bit of Googling, I knew Milk and Roses was going to be our destination.  Books lining the walls, a grand ol’ piano gracing the dining room, and a huge outdoor dining garden strewn with twinkle lights…not to mention the food was hearty and sensational.  Enough to make us pull out our phones to do a little Streeteasy search to see how much apartments are going for in Greenpoint these days (side note: not that much cheaper than Manhattan, my friends!)

If you need an afternoon out in the (ahem) country, I couldn’t recommend Milk and Roses enough.

Details: Milk and Roses, 1110 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222.  Cash only.


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