The Happiest Little Summertime Exhibit In NYC!

The happiest little exhibit I ever did see has opened in Soho! Dubbed the Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit, it’s really on point with making you feel all those happy feels. From yellow sunflowers and rubber duckies to a wall of balloons to a giant rainbow, the exhibit was created to purely be a “fun experience which brings you lots of joy.” Who can’t get behind that?!

To be clear, the exhibit is also an Instagrammer’s dream, hence the line was filled with fashion-forward millennial bloggers, striking poses in all of the eight rooms. My advice to you (particularly if you are bringing kids like I did) is to arrive not just on time but earlier than your timed ticket. They only allow one group back at a time, which is fabulous for picture taking, but can get kind of tedious if you’re waiting in line with impatient ones;-) Once we got back, Augusten had a a terrific time playing around with the interactive exhibits (particularly the balloons!), and he really dug the ice cream at the end.

The exhibit is open through July 8th, and really is such a fun one. Start to finish, we were there for about an hour (including waiting in line), so it’s a great way to break up an afternoon in downtown Manhattan. Timed tickets can be purchased online, and are $28 Monday-Thursday, and $34 Friday-Sunday. Your ice cream is included in the ticket, because, JOY.



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