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Your honeymoon should be the most magical and memorable trip of both of your lives. Seeing as it is such a special holiday, it means that expectations will be extremely high and you will want to take steps to ensure that everything is perfect. The destination will be entirely up to you and depend on your own personal taste, but for the holiday of a lifetime you will want luxury travel, fun activities, and fantastic accommodation.  As New Yorkers are notoriously busy (you mean I have to plan a wedding AND honeymoon?!), we were delighted to find a company that takes all the work out of planning the perfect honeymoon.  NYC, meet Exsus.

Deciding On Your Dream Honeymoon

Everyone’s idea of a dream honeymoon will be different. Some couples will be seeking action and adventure, some may be looking to embrace a new culture, whilst some may simply want to soak up the sun and relax on a picturesque beach. Often, newlyweds want a travel experience which combines fun and adventure with luxury and romanticism.

Unique destinations can make for a great story, so trips such as a Californian road trip, exploring the jungle in Borneo, or experiencing Machu Picchu and the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands are all terrific ideas for newlyweds. Other fantastic destinations for those on a honeymoon include the architectural masterpiece and romantic city of Barcelona, the stunning landscapes of the Atacama Desert and Easter Island in Chile, or exploring colonial Cuba and the vibrant and tropical atmosphere found in Havana.

If you are struggling for ideas, it is worth discussing countries or cities that you have both never visited before. This can greatly narrow your options and ensures it is a new experience for both of you.


Luxury Tailor-Made Honeymoons

The best way to ensure that it is a unique and unforgettable holiday is to speak to an agency which specializes in luxury tailor-made honeymoons, such as Exsus. Agencies like this can arrange expertly put together package holidays to destinations all around the world.

Organizing a wedding can be extremely stressful, leave the honeymoon planning to the travel experts who will book the perfect resort, organize all the necessary travel and activities, and tailor each part of the honeymoon to make sure it is as individual and memorable as the big day itself.

To start your journey as a married couple, your honeymoon should be fun, distinctive, interesting and romantic. Traveling to unique destinations and exploring the surrounding areas will create many memories and fantastic stories to share, plus it is also a great way to expand your horizons and see another part of the world with the love of your life.

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  • Tamara says:

    You know what? I didn’t even go on a honeymoon! We are planning ours now. It’s been eight years, but we didn’t have the money or time then.
    Crazy but true – this is timely and I’m not even a newlywed.
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    • Used York City says:

      I LOVE that you’re going on one now, Tamara! What a fun way to spice things up, 8 years and 2 kids later! I can’t wait to hear more!

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