The Latest NYC Men’s Fashion Trends


New York has a buzzing fashion scene. In Midtown Manhattan alone, there are 30 blocks where designers and manufacturers work on the latest designs and bring them to fruition.

Often, you will find New Yorkers setting the trend when it comes to fashion, and this year is no exception. There is a lot going on in the city and, as usual, residents of the city are wearing some really interesting clothes.

Print Polo Shirts

Since their introduction in the 1930s, polo shirts have never completely gone out of fashion, but for the past few decades, it has been mainly older men that have worn them. From the looks of things that is set to change this year. The introduction of print polo shirts has really opened up the market, with more young men opting to wear them.

The striped designs are currently the most popular with young New Yorkers. This year´s polo shirts are cut slightly longer, and most men have opted to wear one that is a size too big. Both trends have helped to create a more casual look that seems to appeal.

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Adidas and Kappa

The athleisure trend is still alive and strong in NYC, but with a twist. Old school retro Adidas streetwear was big in 2016, and is still surprisingly popular this year. However, there are signs of the trendier men moving on to wearing Kappa clothing. The cuts are similar, just a bit baggier and instead of sophisticated black track style clothes, people are drifting towards the other end of the color spectrum. Right now it is quite subtle with blues and greens being the prominent colors. With a few true style mavericks are starting to wear Day-Glo orange again. Huge bold logos are also brightening things up on the New York streetwear scene.

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A Punk Vibe

There is also a bit of a punk revival happening in the city. This is not surprising because the 1970s style has been referenced this year on men´s fashion runways across the world. But, once again, New York´s men are reinterpreting the look a little differently. There is nothing remotely grungy about the look here.

Vintage punk t-shirts and leather jackets are being paired with check trousers made from high end fabrics. Black is back, ripped jeans and chains are very popular too, but there is not a studded dog collar, or oversized safety pin to be seen.

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The 90s Influence

Without a doubt, this year, it is the fashions of the 90s that are the main source of inspiration. Fortunately, New Yorkers are not simply faithfully recreating the 90s fashions, which to be honest is a bit of a relief. Especially, when you remember some of the truly freaky clothes men had to wear back then. You can see a few examples here.

Instead, most New York designers have simply taken their cues from the 90s, and put their own spin on it. The look and feel of the clothes is sharper and more refined than it was 30 years ago. This time around the clothes are a bit more tailored and refined, which better suits this generation´s fashion vision.


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