The Most Useful Gifts From My NYC Wedding Registry

Like everything else, getting married in New York is a bit different than everywhere else in the country, particularly when it comes to registering.  Unlike brides in the burbs, registering for china and silver patterns may not make a whole lot of sense for city brides when our kitchens can barely contain everyday plates and utensils (yep, the 4 of each set!)  And NYC brides also tend to follow the trend of getting married a bit later in life than our southern counterparts…hence you probably already have a lot of the basic essentials that are on traditional registries.

After being married in NYC for 2 years, here’s the top 5 items that we received from our registry that we still get tons of use out of, every single day.

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1. A Steamer

This thing has been the hugest money saver, ever.  Before we got it, I was in the terrible habit of dropping delicates off at the dry cleaners, because I had enough bad experiences ruining silk with the iron.  But we all know, dry cleaning in NYC adds up…fast.  Enter the steamer!  While this little guy does take up precious closet space, it’s seriously saved me so much money in dry cleaning, works like magic, and assures a freshly pressed, wrinkle-free look before we head out the door.

2. Nespresso Machine

Now, I didn’t get rid of my 1987 Mr. Coffee (love that thing!)  But this machine is tiny enough to fit snugly on NYC kitchen countertops, while making a delicious, fancy coffee beverage that doesn’t taste like chemicals (I tried lots of other machines before this and hated them all because the coffee just never tasted normal to me.  Anyone else have that?)  Anyway, this thing has been going strong for 2 years, and has brought lots of joy to our mornings…from simple espressos to more complicated foamy milk drinks.  And sure is cheaper than heading to Starbucks every day!

3. 5 Year Memory Book

My sister gave us this book, with the simple concept that your write one sentence a day for 5 years.  My husband and I have had the best time recording little anecdotes or funny things each other says in there, and then getting to see what you were doing/saying the year(s) before…really the best memory book, ever!  I’d totally recommend this to every couple.

4. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

This is the one stop shop of pots, guys.  Not only is it pretty enough to sit atop your stove at all times (so you don’t have to worry about storage!), it basically functions as any kind of pot you’d ever need.  We use it for one pot pastas, hearty soups in the winter, breakfast casseroles on the weekends, brewing tea in the evenings…you name it.  Takes the need out of a whole pot and pan set, for sure.

5. Monogrammed Towels

Ok, I was probably MOST excited about these…(true southern girl at heart who adores monogramming, oh, everything?  maybe:-) Not only is it fun to see your new couple initials for the first time, but investing in a set of high quality towels is something that feels very grown up (you can finally throw away all those ratty ones!), and luxurious to cuddle up in after a long NYC day.  p.s. I’ve since discovered linen towels which have been a lifesaver because you can actually use one for an entire week without it feeling gross and damp (I hate that feeling!)  They do run quite a bit more than normal cotton towels, so if it’s something you’re considering for NYC living, totally worth it to put them on your registry!

I’d love to know…what was your favorite thing you registered for?  And if you could do it all over, is there anything you would do differently?


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