The Peninsula Spa In Midtown Manhattan

The onset of spring in the city has sent my allergies into a crazed frenzy.  With puffy eyes, runny nose, and lack of sleep, I was in desperate need of a respite from the budding trees of Central Park and sought out an allergy-sanctuary in the city, aka The Peninsula Spa.

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Located on the twenty-first floor of the Peninsula Hotel, the Peninsula Spa is a rooftop utopia for the urban girl.  The spa uses an approach that combines Asian, European and Ayurvedic philosophies.

In order to help ease my allergies, I scheduled an intensive facial, which included specialized triple cleansing techniques, gentle exfoliation, acupressure facial massage, an intensive face mask and a relaxing head massage.  Oh, and we simply can’t forget the best part of the whole process, the steam.  For the first time in a week, I was able to breathe again, and it was just heavenly. Lucy, my aesthetician, walked me through every step of the process, and did a positively glowing job…both literally and figuratively.  My skin has never shined quite so bright.

After the facial, Lucy brought me to the Relaxation Room, where I had the best nap one could possibly imagine having in the middle of Midtown Manhattan.  The room was equipped with four unbelievably comfortable beds, flickering candle-light, coconut water, and small bowls of dried fruit and almonds.  Zen-like music was playing softly.  I couldn’t imagine a more tranquil setting if I tried.  Buddha himself would have felt right at home.

Once the best nap of my life was complete, I headed to the steam room and sauna, where again, my allergies were able to clear long enough to smell the Eucalyptus fragrance trickling through the air.  Between the two rooms was an ice fountain, as well as a rain-forest waterfall-esque shower.

Napping and relaxing complete, I thought it time for a bit of exercise, and headed to the gym.  Complete with machines, weights, and a yoga studio with breathtaking views of the city, even my workout was a tour de force of peace.

My last stop of the day was the glass enclosed pool, which looks out onto 5th Avenue.  After a day of plush pampering, I now felt rested, relaxed, and ready to take on whatever the city has to throw at me next.  Even if it is more allergies.  Bring it on, Central Park.

WHERE: The Spa at the Peninsula Hotel
700 Fifth Avenue at 55th Street
New York, New York  10019

By: Jessica Tiare Bowen